Heating bills and financial lessons

Okay, breathe with me. Last month’s heating bill was ~ $44. This month’s heating bill = ~ $66. My jaw literally dropped and I instantly placed a call to my energy company to schedule a free high-bill re-check. Then, I called my husband and broke the news to him. lol. He claimed he wasn’t surprised, … Continue reading Heating bills and financial lessons

Financial recap and other musings

So, I haven’t said much about savings, retirement planning et cetera. In fact, all that stuff seems trivial in the face of the real depression-style era that is looming ahead of us if things continue as they have in the US lately. The economy is in a free-fall as more people and investor panic and … Continue reading Financial recap and other musings

MMA goodness!

If you know M & I, you’ll know that mixed martial arts are just some of our interests. M’s managed to get me interested in the sport too so we’ve gone out to some bars together just to watch the pay-per-view fight cards (of course, we had to pay for this privilege by patronizing the … Continue reading MMA goodness!

A Good Feeling

Things have been moving along even more smoothly than I hoped for. All I can say is God works in mysterious ways.  I had the chance to visit and I got along fabulously (in my humble opinion) so I hope, as M said, they make the right decision. πŸ™‚ Now, it’s just a waiting game. … Continue reading A Good Feeling