A Good Feeling

Things have been moving along even more smoothly than I hoped for. All I can say is God works in mysterious ways.  I had the chance to visit and I got along fabulously (in my humble opinion) so I hope, as M said, they make the right decision. 🙂 Now, it’s just a waiting game. In other news, I might just get my wish to rollover my current 401(k) account. My first choice is Fidelity because it seems they have a good customer service base and generally better at providing guidance for first time investors. I’ll need all the help I can get, preferably for free.

I’ve been getting progressively better on the bike. I finally learned how to stand properly in order to power up hills. Apparently, I had been doing the stand wrongly so I was putting too much stress on my knees which will need to recover from the abuse. 🙂 He’s taking his tutoring seriously and has gone as far as ordering the Mountain Biker’s bible in order to put me on a training regimen. lol. I don’t mind one bit because biking is a great way to stay in shape! My legs and arms are proof of this and all for going out for at least 30mins daily! M’s class is going along well although I’m a bit of a nagging wife in that respect. He’s got his learning style and I’ve got mine. They don’t overlap and I need to respect that.

With respect to financial stuff, nothing has gone towards the SunTrust credit card debt yet. Thankfully, nothing is being spent using the card so it’s stagnant. I’ll be sure to see some movement before the month ends i.e. sending some snowflakes towards that. Savings are also growing slowly, but surely. Even if it’s $10 a week, that’s still something. The point is that I am actively making the changes which will come in handy for when a larger source of income comes my way.

In yet other news, I find that I get bored online once I’m away from my feed reader (FeedDemon which I paid for, but turned around to become free!). I would use the online Newsgator service which has my feeds, but it’s painfully slow. I’ve resorted to constantly refreshing the pages of Google News in order to get my news fix or hunt for information. It doesn’t help that my science reading material is not at my apartment. 🙁 When I get the new job, it should hopefully allow me to indulge in purchasing more books to increase my knowledge.

Yes, I finally came out and said it. I’m essentially falling prey to the increasing tight-fistedness of funding agencies (or divine intervention) hence the premature termination of my employment. That’s fancy speak for getting laid off. I understand where my current employees stand so I do thank them for giving me several weeks of notice. I would have extended the same courtesy to them. Obviously, my job hunt is consuming much of my time these days. I’ve had a particularly delicious fish bite and I am on some serious tenterhooks. I visited the facility and I was impressed. It is a very serious, yet cozy place to work and if I got hired, I would have a really kickass manager who speaks 5 languages! I’m practically raring to go. Again, not putting all my eggs in one basket, I’ve been applying to places and expect responses in about a month. In the horrid event (perish the thought!) that I don’t get into this great company, I won’t be mad because I progressed in the application process to a point I hadn’t been to since I had actually applied to said company a couple of times last year and heard nary a peep. So this is promising. I know I can do the job and I am so looking forward to the challenges it presents. I already like the team I will be working with if (I’m trying out the power of positive thinking) when I’m hired so I will be fine. *deep breaths*