Simply addicted

Oh. My God. Is this blog still alive? 🙂 Sorry, bad joke. Mea culpa because I have been bad about updating my Facebook page & my blog! Well, the title of this blog post refers to my current addiction to the show, The Office. Holy Jesus, it’s sidesplitting-ly funny. Thankfully, John (Matt’s friend) has 4 season DVDs and you bet I scored 2 of those from him. I can’t believe it took me this long to get into it. Dwight is simply ridiculous and Michael is just plain crazy. lmao. Okay, enough of that.

It’s Fall Break and the nice thing about being part of the school system is that I get to taste a little bit of the Fall Break fun. lol. This means I’ve got a 3-day weekend and I’m really happy because I can start planning  my mini-vacation. It, of course, helps that payday coincides for both of us so Matt & I might finally treat ourselves to something. Matt’s kvetched about my techy talk on this blog and that got me thinking that perhaps it was time to start a separate blog dedicated to talking about my trials with my computer software and hardware. Courtesy of Microsoft DreamSpark, I’ve currently got Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft Expression Studio group of programs on my laptop. I am looking forward to learning about designing and coding which will be difficult because I’m somewhat horrible at learning new hobbies. So, here’s to self motivation. 🙂

I’ll admit to several things

  1. I’m addicted to Facebook. Not in a I’m-on-it-24hrs-a-day, though. Interestingly, I’ve come close to closing my account several times. This is (in no small part) thanks to those darned applications that clutter up the simple Facebook profile pages. Thus ensuring my/the user experience at a all-time low. I stay on simply because my acquaintances are there. In a weird way, I’m seeing their much-more exciting worlds and I, like an addict, want more. 🙂 Shoot me.
  2. I can tell so much from people’s status messages, notes, etc. Like Shakespeare(?) said, “the lady doth protest too much”.
  3. It feels like I still just recently got married. It’s actually been over 8 months (1 year anniversary on May day). I love my choice of life partner and I am excited about spending the rest of our days with each other.

With that off my chest, I hereby declare that I shall become re-infatuated with my website. I have neglected my online persona/life for a while now. For starters, I realize that nothing is free that lasts forever. Thus, I shall begin my hunt for a new webspace provider. Bluehost is high on the list right now. My current “free” hosting expires in mid-summer and I need to have a plan setup to avoid being charged the astronomical fee of ~$200. *Gulp* Not to insult my current providers (Jumpline) though. I’ve had pretty good service with them. I just need more disk space than my current plan provides. I would have even been willing to stay with them at their rate of over $10/monthly. However, there are many other good options out there. For starters, I shall begin to actually utilize things that I’ve paid for. Case in point: I ponied up $24.95/year for Flickr’s PRO service for unlimited uploading of pictures. I should migrate all the files/videos I have on my gallery over there and save some bandwidth. I should really streamline my efforts to concentrate on blogging and integrate things like my photos from Flickr, videos of me/us/family, etc. Essentially, I’m saying I still want a content management system (CMS). I want a central management point where I can link all aspects of my life together. Granted, Facebook, MySpace, etc all want to be that converging point for me. However, when things like money start to interfere with that mission (i.e. advertisements interfering with my precious precious user experience), I am wont to decamp. Thus, I want to maintain this central repository myself. We’ll see how I feel about this once I run into issues trying to do this. WordPress is the friendliest thus far. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy New Years to all lurkers, friends and my family. 😀 I’m pretty happy to be alive and breathing. Not so fast, I’m still not sure what to “do with myself” and yet, I’m still very sure of what I want to do. Does that make sense? I thought not, too. 🙂 Like Matt says, patience. M is happy about this year despite certain events i.e. aunt Lola’s passing, among others. Nevertheless, as my people say, “where there’s life, there’s hope.” It is never too late to dust “yourself up and try again”. There is a lot to be done as I’m chronicled in previous posts. So, with that said, bring it on 2008!!!