Simply addicted

Oh. My God. Is this blog still alive? 🙂 Sorry, bad joke. Mea culpa because I have been bad about updating my Facebook page & my blog! Well, the title of this blog post refers to my current addiction to the show, The Office. Holy Jesus, it’s sidesplitting-ly funny. Thankfully, John (Matt’s friend) has 4 season DVDs and you bet I scored 2 of those from him. I can’t believe it took me this long to get into it. Dwight is simply ridiculous and Michael is just plain crazy. lmao. Okay, enough of that.

It’s Fall Break and the nice thing about being part of the school system is that I get to taste a little bit of the Fall Break fun. lol. This means I’ve got a 3-day weekend and I’m really happy because I can start planning  my mini-vacation. It, of course, helps that payday coincides for both of us so Matt & I might finally treat ourselves to something. Matt’s kvetched about my techy talk on this blog and that got me thinking that perhaps it was time to start a separate blog dedicated to talking about my trials with my computer software and hardware. Courtesy of Microsoft DreamSpark, I’ve currently got Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and the Microsoft Expression Studio group of programs on my laptop. I am looking forward to learning about designing and coding which will be difficult because I’m somewhat horrible at learning new hobbies. So, here’s to self motivation. 🙂