Not going to get me this time, Wachovia.

You wonder what I’m talking about? It’s probably happened to you. You know, overdraft fees. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of money shuffling and paying some big bills. One particular big bill that hit is still showing as pending while several ‘minor’ bills have since come and gone. It’s a big frustrating. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing pending transactions whenever I log into my online account. Are they hoping that I’ll overspend so that they can tell me the funds were not available for the big bill which has been pending for over 2 days now? Well, not going to happen, folks.

Oh and by the way, my love-hate affair with Bank of America is over. Fini. Kaput. Yessir, I called them today to get a rate reduction. I haven’t used the card since I got it and I just said "to hell with it" when the nice customer service representative told me I wasn’t eligible. So, I went ahead and closed out the account. I figure since I’ve increased my credit limit and getting closer to using under 50% of my limit, I’ll still be sitting pretty. So as soon as he let me know I wasn’t eligible, I went ahead and closed that sucker and chopped up my card in front of my lab mates. Hurrah!!