Getting hits

Well, it hasn’t been two days since I put my poems and other stuff up. I’m already getting some hits and I hope they keep coming in to fill my adsense coffers! 😀 I used to be on the first page (1st or 2nd link actually) of Google SERPs (search engine results pages) for a good bit of search terms like “figurative poems”. Hell, I’m still on the damned first page (about 5 results down)!!  Anyhow, after my site went down, my page ranks went down with them too. I didn’t put much up while I pondered on what to do with my site and the best way to display my content. Well, as you may know, I tried Drupal and got tired of having to need a module to do one thing or the other. The process of installing and working with modules is not very smooth either so I have returned back to my WordPress roots. WordPress isn’t perfect either as evinced with the trouble I had when I merely had a page with really long content. The only reason I’m keeping WordPress is because of its popularity ergo I’ll definitely find a way to retrieve my data from this site when/if it goes down or if I get sick of using WordPress.

In other news, I’ve been on pins and needles for the past week. It doesn’t seem to be letting up. I’ve found a couple of interesting jobs that come Monday, I will be applying for.  This month is almost at the halfway point and I’ve got so much to be thankful for. Labor Day is coming up soon and we’ll be doing some cool things (hopefully and if everyone can coordinate their schedules). We’re also planning on getting the heck out of Athens next week and just being around family. I am definitely not in the mood to hang out at the house if I can help it. lol.