Newfound respect for mothers and wayward parishioners

As you may or may not know, Matt’s sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy over a month ago. Since then, there have been trials, but she & her hubby have pulled through by the grace of God and the wonderful family members they have been blessed with. As Matt’s dad & I have become accustomed to doing, we went to see little B and his parents. Her husband was exhausted from pulling night duty while his wife caught a few winks. We helped her with grocery shopping and I got to take care of little B for a little bit. Man, I tell you, carrying a 11lb baby is no joke and trying to burp a baby isn’t a walk in the park either. When I think of J carrying the little one in her arms, I mentally doff my hat to her. As she always does, she hooked us (her dad and I) with fresh farm produce which, in this case, were tomatoes. After we were done visiting, we went to church and had our seats in the worst place possible. We were running late and thus ended up with the worst pick of seats. Unsurprisingly, we couldn’t hear much of the service, but sitting at the back did allow me to see some of the unseemly behavior that people tend to reserve for the back of ‘the bus’. The case in point: a woman’s cell phone rang loudly twice and she answered the phone both times. Everyone around her turned and she kept on the phone, rather oblivious to her surroundings. A parishioner actually called her on her misbehavior and it felt like she was being a bit combative towards the elderly man who reminded her of her surroundings. It was rather sad. Thankfully, her phone didn’t ring again. I would hate for her to be have been publicly embarrassed.

In other news, I’m still tickled pink over my ability to tweak the layout I snagged from Magitek Designs for my home page. Of course, doing this has caused me to start asking all sorts of existential questions such as should I throw up a bunch of old pages I had in the past using a content management system or good old fashioned (x)html web pages? I don’t know the answer yet. 🙂 I am torn between making the content on my site harmonius, but there is the part of me that likes the ease of using a content management system. I’m highly partial to Drupal and I am interested in seeing the new features since I last used it (it’s now version 6.3 from version 5 when I used it last). It feels more powerful than WordPress, but requires a bit more tweaking than WordPress which is typically ready to go, right out of the box.

In yet other news, I just got word from the HP gods that my laptop has been shipped. It’s currently in Shanghai, China (I know. lol. Outsourcing) and should be here next week. It sucks that I’ll have to send it back to them in order to get my TV tuner put in, but the deal which I’m getting on the HP Expresscard Digital/Analog TV tuner is too good to pass up. The best part is that it will be at no cost to me so I’m pretty excited about that. On that note, I’ll end my pointless musings. Ciao!