New hits

Okay, I am done trying to figure out why my tinyMCE toolbar won’t show up and I’m tired of seeing the FCKeditor take 2 mins to load. I won’t die if I have to type out html tags. What’s going on, folks? I actually took time to explain the pidgin to M yesterday. He didn’t think it was too funny, but I had to vent on the blog anyway. I might have been a bit crude and I will edit that post thusly. Also, I’ve been getting a slew of hits to my site, specifically to my Greek mythology page pertaining to a mythical Thracian musician/poet a.k.a. Orpheus. I’m guessing this is school work and everyone’s hitting up google to find out the answer. Well, I’m sorry I don’t have much more on that page, but I will be including links to pages that contain more information on the greek/roman mythical figures. Please search Google using the tag “orpheus” or “orpheus greek mythology” and see these sites that I’ve found already: Pantheon, Wikipedia on Orpheus, Loggia, In2Greece, etc.

In other news, I’ve been mulling on career-related stuff and finding myself a bit confused. I don’t want to embark on things for the wrong reasons but I know that I have to make a move. I’ve been barely 6 months on the new/first job and I’m already thinking about what’s next. That’s good, right? Ideally, what’s next would be a new job that offers a different set of skills. We’ll see.