I just needed a title. I apologize for the infrequency of my posts. Work and life’s stressors have been on my case just a little bit more. Still, I’m standing tall. Or I’d like to think that. Things are a bit annoying with regards to my living situation. This summer, we got hit with astronomical cooling bills because there was a dog in the house that needed temperatures to be around 70°F. Well, we are about to have the same situation only in reverse. He (our landlord) wants the heater to be turned on constantly because of the furniture in the house. Edit: Matt estimates that P wants the house to be at 74°F now which is even warmer than it was during the summer!!! He gave Matt a (IMHO)  half-assed explanation for the heater to to be turned up. My god, we’re not even in the 50’s yet! As you can tell, I’m slightly furious because I am not looking to fritter money away on heating furniture. I’m away from the house for most of the day (working Mon-Fri and even sometimes, the weekends!). We are 4 members in the house, but Matt and I pay half combined. It is not in our interests to have the heater turned up especially when there is the cheaper option of purchasing a tiny heating element for your room! Hell, that’s what Matt and I have been doing already!!! If you don’t know to the answer to our dilemma, I’ll provide the one that Matt and I have been avidly interested in: moving to our very own apartment. Right now, all the advantages for renting a room cannot come close to what it will mean when we get our own apartment. Actually, I can’t even count any more merits for staying any longer. If not for Matt wanting the best living situation for us, I/we’d be outta there. I love our landlord and he’s a good person at heart.  However, this situation has struck me as a little more than inconsiderate. Here’s to a fruitful apartment search and an amicable resolution of this issue. It’s not as bad as it seems, but things bug me a bit more than they do Matt. 🙂

In other news, I’m loving my Palm Treo 750. I have spent as much money as I did buying the phone (the refurbished phone cost $99) on its accessories namely: a Spectec Wi-Fi card ($49.95 from Treocentral.com), a 2GB miniSD Kingston card ($28 from Buy.com), a bluetooth ear piece ($49.95 from Treocentral.com), a carrying case and 3 backup-styluses ($28 from iGoneMobile.com). With that, I’ll be done. Out of all my purchases, I love the Wi-Fi card the most. I have been able to surf the internet on my little bitty phone and essentially bypassing ATT’s network. It’s amazing the things you’ll learn on the internet. Thus far, I’ve installed Google Maps on my phone which is a much beloved phone component now. I can map my contact’s addresses, find out the closest pizza houses wherever I am along with their contact information with varied options as to what to do with this information, I could go on. Needless to say, my productivity may take a hit while I get an overdose of my phone. 🙂 With that, I’ll sign off till my next brain fart.