A ray of hope and more

I wanted to start this post out with a pithy or witty saying. Alas, it’s almost 10am and my well is dry. In any case, M & I visited our lovely nephew and his sweet parents. B’s the cuddliest and cutest little thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ And his parents hooked us up with lots of produce yet again! I mean, we left with some beautiful zinnia flowers to spruce up our bland apartment, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and some spices (rosemary, basil, etc). You should see their garden. I wish I had taken my camera with me. I cannot wait till my next visit to see the little guy who is the center of their world now.
This is a picture of one of the zinnia flowers that we plucked from their garden. The daisies (yellow) were bought by M from Wally world. I’m currently uploading pictures of our flower bouquet on Flickr and here’s the link to go feast your eyes. In other news, M & I are going to hit the trails hard today for some much needed exercise. I am so looking forward to it both as a distraction from the pressing task of finding a J.O.B. and just to exercise because I’ve been feeling, for lack of a better word, soft.

I opened up a Rollover IRA with Fidelity and am beginning the task of making sure things don’t get lost in transit. I’ve already run into a few snags that have since been rectified. Nevertheless, it left me a bit weary of the process already. I’m looking forward to the learning about funds and the like. Oh, and remember the beautiful matching Iร‚ย  was receiving from my soon-to-be previous employer? I’m not vested so poof! All I’m getting is the money I’ve contributed i.e. approximately 5% which is not a whole lot. We could do with some cash, but I won’t withdraw it because those funds are pre-tax dollars which, if prematurely withdrawn i.e. before 59.5 years of age, would be subject to a 10% early withdrawal tax and another 20% for federal taxes. lol. Yes, it’ll be a much smarter decision roll this money over. I’ll also have to do without health insurance despite the fact that I’m eligible for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Continuation Health coverage. There’s just a tiny detail they forget to tell people about this so-called coverage: I’ll end up paying more than I’m making just for the privilege of being in the health plan. Hell to the no!!:D I’ll rather sign up for some other short-term plan. I hope to be employed soon and speaking of which, I have an upcoming interview. Ha!

Oh, I finally saw Cinderella Man with M. It was awesome. Have I told you I really really like Russell Crowe? Well, I do and his performance there was stellar. I loved the little lessons I learned from the movie i.e when his son stole some salami for the family, Russell (his dad) made him bring it back to the butcher and told him “we never steal, no matter what.” We made our way to the local video store again and scored another bunch of movies. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are: The Last King of Scotland, The Bourne Ultimatum, Joshua, The Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Hunted.