Movie madness and the job hunt files

I finally got to watch Hell Boy (the first movie) and I can tell you right now that I simply love Red. πŸ™‚ I wish Abe Sapien got more action in the movie because his gift is just awesomely creepy i.e. reading the past, etc. The sequel (Hell Boy II: The Golden Army) is coming out and I cannot wait to get to the theatre to check it out! I think Guillermo Del Toro is my new favorite director because he did Pan’s Labyrinth which I liked a lot. Wall-E by Disney/Pixar Animations is on my to-see list, but I’ll wait till it hits the dollar two-dollar theatre. Yes, they increased the prices at the ‘dollar’ theatre. Bummer, but it’s now becoming a less attractive option considering I could just rent a movie for $2.50 for a day. Anyhow, I got supremely bored on Saturday and rented 5 movies for $5 from a local movie store close to my apartment. The movies were: Mr & Mrs. Smith, Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, Blood Diamond and Cinderella Man. First of all, Mr & Mrs. Smith was entirely forgettable. I’m certainly glad I didn’t buy into the hype and spend $10 at the theatre for it. I found myself bored with the sex scenes and simply fast-forwarded because it was clearly movie-filler material. I wanted to see the action sequences and I scratched that itch. Next, Ocean’s Eleven. Now, I watched this movie with trepidation because I had gotten a bit nauseated by every Tom, Dick & Harry naming their clique or group “Ocean’s <insert number>”. I loved the way they swindled the casino owner and I caught myself laughing quite frequently. Now, Ocean’s Twelve was patently false. I loved the “Black Fox” twist, but I didn’t care for the heist in this movie which didn’t do justice to Ocean’s Eleven. Ocean’s Thirteen has been out for awhile so it should be out on DVD. I’ll check it out at the movie store to see if the movie’s director has thoroughly ruined the franchise or if he stayed true to what Ocean’s crew does best: ingenious heists. Blood Diamond was heart-wrenching and gave a stinging indictment of countries (read: USA) or corporations implicitly soliciting conflict diamonds. DiCaprio was actually good in this movie and Djimon Housou was totally in character. M loved (maybe loved is a strong word, but he liked it. lol) the movie so that’s a marker of a quality movie in my book. Seriously. I haven’t seen Cinderella Man yet, but it has Russell Crowe in it and I can trust that he’ll pour his heart into his performance.

In other news, I’ve been hitting the trail pretty frequently for at least 45 minute rides. It’s fun and I am so glad I learned to ride. I am excited about learning to swim which will be painful, but worth it in the end. I have so much potential to do things with my life that are not just work & school. I am totally buying into the living a life that is personally fulfilling. I’ve got a rocking man by my side, the big Man upstairs and my family around me. I’m doing alright. My quadriceps are firmer than I’ve ever seen them. It’s unreal. I need to take pictures of myself on the bike or get M to make a short video. Of course, I’ll be sure to take a spill because knowing me, I’ll do something silly for the camera and crash. My handling skills are getting better although tight turns are still my bete noir. It’ll only be a matter of time before I take another head-over-heel tumble while trying to navigate one of those darned turns.

In other other news, I’ve fallen in love all over again with USA Network. Back when I had my “TV favorites” web pages, I wrote about loving the show, “Monk“. I still do and now, I can add “In Plain Sight” to the show. For starters, I love the leading lady. Why? Because she is a full-bodied woman and not a bean pole like Angelia Jolie. She has actual breasts, a butt and resembles an everyday woman. I cannot get enough of her and the show which cracks me up. Hey, I’ll be out of a job so I can only do the next best thing: watch TV. And of course, look for jobs. πŸ™‚