A little something something

M bought my bike yesterday so it’s truly mine now! *cue evil laughter* Because he had to take care of ‘bidness’, I missed going out on my bike ride yesterday. I have been craving a trip to the movie theater so I am going to make an attempt today to do that. M will be at work so I am preparing myself for the task of timing my exit from work to coincide with the bus which comes once every hour. So wish me luck! I totally want to see IronMan and Spiderwick Chronicles. I love all (almost all) things fantasy. lol. If I don’t make it to the theater, I’ll go riding. Things were a bit relaxed at work this week and part of me suspects my female boss for being responsible. It’s sometimes funny how she knows when to push and how to bring out the 100% in me. I am also not going to kid myself that she can bring out the stern taskmaster at any moment so I will be wise not to take anything for granted. Have I said how selfless M is? 😀 I think he’s just now realizing all the trouble he’s married. lol. Remember M, 1 year down, ∞ to go.  So buckle your seat belt! 🙂 With this new month, I am:

  1. Recommitting to living a healthy and personally satisfying life which has started to incorporate healthy eating, healthy thought patterns, healthy patterns of exercise and positive thinking through obstacles.
  2. I am also going to pick up the slack on my credit card payment schedule as well as saving for our emergency fund. Right now, my end of year goal for the emergency fund is $5,000. Experts recommend at least 3 months’ worth of living expenses to as much as you feel like would suffice for your family.

Baby steps, folks. Baby steps. 🙂