Can you tell?

That it’s been crazier than a bee’s nest over here? Well, I just feel like there aren’t enough hours to get what I need to get done! Today is the first day of labs for the students. I’ve been sitting in on their anatomy classes although I haven’t been doing much else besides just listening. I’m bad, I know, but I’m clearly in the “not-a-vet-student-so-I-don’t-need-to-study” frame of mind. lol. Still, it’ll do me some good to be able to converse intelligently with my bosses and the students. My laptop has been invaluable to me thus far. Even though my backpack now weighs at least 15lbs, I’m still doggedly carrying everything but the kitchen sink with me to work. M’s been hating on me, but I forgive him. I would hate on me too. lol.

I’m slowly getting back into riding. I haven’t ridden hard in over a month and that was due to certain circumstances, but things are getting better. πŸ™‚ I went for a soft ride with M just to spin my legs. I think my aim should be just 4 miles daily without bringing my heart rate too high up. The weather’s getting cooler and according to M, it’s perfect riding weather. Yesterday was a little depressing for various reasons. One of them being getting royally screwed by Hewlett-Packard regarding the TV tuner issue. However, I should be returning that blasted TV tuner to them and getting my money back. It really helps that after using it once, I never used it again because it was more troublesome than simply turning on the TV. I’ve got a crapload of items to be returned to retail outlets and I will go into some detail about those things. I will say that if you can help it, avoid buying things you aren’t sure that you will need because the return process is a pain in the patootie. I’m returning my bluetooth mouse because that freaking mouse quit working on me. My tolerance level for appliances that don’t work as advertised is zero these days and I wasted no time in obtaining an RMA number. I’ll stick to my little USB mini-mouse for now. I’m returning an item I purchased from an online retailer I’ve done business with in the past. They were a bit craftier in their returns process, but after sending them an email that threatened a charge-back, they responded with an RMA number and the information I needed. I wanted an auto/truck adapter for my laptop so I can use it in the car and I thought I found a good deal on a site. I broke one of the cardinal rules of online shopping i.e. reading the fine print and not taking Google results as the Gospel truth. About 5 minutes after I hit “Submit Order”, I realized that their auto/truck adapter would not be compatible with my laptop. I inwardly groaned and set about emailing their customer service representatives. Even though I sent my frantic email to them saying that they should cancel my order, they didn’t get back to me till the next day (how convenient) and it was only to tell me that they couldn’t cancel the order because it had been shipped! Well, after I received the item, I had to send at least 3 emails (each progressively nastier than the preceding one) in order to get my RMA number. Now, I just have to convince M to take them to the various drop-off points: USPS, Fedex, UPS, et cetera. lol.

Well, I’ve got to run. I’ll post something a little bit more coherent later on.

Oh mercy mercy me!

Again, things turn out the way you least expect them. Aforementioned prospect that I had ‘sweated’ over turned out to be a super cool dude. I am debating whether or not to post directly what I’m going through, but out of respect for my family, I’ll keep talking in ‘code’. lol. So, the saga continues next week. Not matter how it turns out, it will be an eye-opener for me as I will have undergone new things. It’s fascinating how things have turned out.

Right now, several good things have happened since a certain event happened. I’ve “inked” an advertising deal for some posts on this blog!!! This is my first time doing it and time will tell if it was a good idea. Still, it’s about time I get paid for writing my heart on this blog! πŸ˜€ I think I gave the advertising agent a very very nice deal, but she was nice so there. πŸ™‚ I’ll be putting the ads up and thankfully, they are text ads which are unobtrusive (in my opinion). I will be putting up some polls to gain an idea of what you like or don’t like about the adverts on my blog. Naturally, I’ve got to start thinking about the ramifications of accepting advertising on this blog and I’ll be sure to start a disclosure page that talks about any affiliations I have. I’ll be expecting my Adsense earnings to finally kick in sometime in this century. The only bad thing about all of this is that I’ve got to keep track of these “earnings” so as to not run afoul of the law. That’s why I’ve started a subaccount in my ING Direct Orange Savings account so that I can pay taxes on these earnings. I’m saving now so that I won’t feel too badly about paying the government.

Also, I’ll be getting a smallish refund from a certain visit to a certain practitioner where I was charged $300 upfront because that’s how much my insurance deductible is. The problem was that I had already met my deductible with previous doctor visits so I’ll be getting less than half of what I paid back. Right now, I’ll take any “spare” money I can get. For me, that means no impulsive purchases a la a pair of biking shoes (Nike Kato III, size 8.5 which were ~ $90 originally but were 40% off) which were a size too large for me that I bought. Thankfully, we were able to return them back to the store folks who were super cool about the return. I will definitely be doing more business with The Hub Bikes (a bicycle store). Spare money also translates into remembering to return that Creative T100 player I bought for M that I didn’t realize had no recording capability. Can you say Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)? lol. That’s a number you have to sit for several minutes on the phone to get in order to get approved to return a product to the store you bought it from.

So my hubby, in-law and father-in-law are all taking a certificate program in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) at the same time. It promises to be a challenging time for them, but extremely rewarding. Hell, they’ve got me interested in it now although I’m not going to bite just yet. Of course, since it’s a computer based course, this means I’ll be battling with M for computer time. I’m thinking of just breaking down and getting a refurbished desktop just for the purposes of browsing. That’s the only smart thing to do because I want M to get all the practice time he can get. So I am basically looking for a computer that will:

  1. Let me browse the web while he’s putzing around with our main ‘family’ computer.
  2. Not be more than $250 without the price of the monitor included

I need to pick my current boss’s brains about where he get such bargain deals on the Dell Workstation he gets. I just did a quick Google search and I think I might have found the site he uses: DFC Direct Sales. Leave your comments! Right now, I’m taking my bike for a quick spin to relieve my nervous energy. Ha!