Feeling pretty cool

Okay, I had one of the best weekends yet. I got to do a lot of sleeping in with the hubby and that is no mean feat. 🙂 Three day weekends rock and I fear that my laziness may have cost me brownie points with the parents. Well, work starts tomorrow and with it, the sights & smells. Last Friday, I had the privilege of performing the interesting task of splitting embalmed dog heads along the longitudinal axis using the band saw. Everyone who works there is deathfully afraid of using that instrument, but being the laboratory coordinator, it’s part of my job to be unafraid of such tools. In a nutshell, I go where angels fear to tread. Thankfully, my supervisor stayed with me while I worked just in case I accidentally sawed something off and lost the ability to dial an emergency number. Tomorrow, I’ll be sawing through the rest of the heads (38 total) and wish  me luck!

In other news, M’s friend recently got a car and his old car would have been traded to the dealership, but it’s beginning to look like we might just get his old car instead. Of course, we’re paying for it and I don’t want to jinx the deal just yet. The car’s been pretty well cared for and I’m confident that we aren’t getting a lemon although the car has been to the mechanic’s quite a bit. Nevertheless, it’s a 4-door car and we’re both pretty psyched about it. Ordinarily, I’d like to work out a payment deal versus paying all that is due (price) upfront, but he needs the bulk of the money upfront so M’s dad is kindly loaning us some money to help with that. As for M’s current car (Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme), we just might hang on to it because I’m kind of attached to it seeing as there is a lot of history there. 🙂 We’ve slept in the car, fought in it, yelled in it, done terrible *cough* things *cough* in it, et cetera. lol.

In yet other news, someone’s birthday is coming up. That’s right: Matt’s!! He’s turning 29 and I’ve decided to go lowkey for his birthday. I’m definitely taking him out to eat and I’ll tell y’all the rest after it’s happened. With that, cheers and a belated happy Hallo’ween!