A little rant

Or not. People of the blogosphere especially anonymous ones tend to be really really mean. A professor and several others have said that it is much harder to run your mouth once people know you in person. Case I’m pissed about: the girls of Nonsociety.com. Now, I’m coming out on my blog to say that I am subscribed to all 3 girls’ (Julia Allison, Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin) Tumblr blogs and now, I can’t get enough of their joint venture (NonSociety). That being said, each of those 3 girls are cute, witty and they are simply living their admittedly privileged lives. I’m not envious, but as you will find, there are people online who will stoop to any depths to bring down a good thing. Obviously, the girls did a stupid thing by not registering their website  in the popular top-level domains (TLDs) i.e.  dot com, dot org, dot net, dot info, dot me, et cetera. Hell, that’s a mistake that even social media experts fall prey to like  Shel Israel whose error was forgetting to register his own name. Still, it’s not a dealbreaker. Even Julia has her own imitator online and while it brings cheap laughs, I get depressed reading about these ‘parody’ sites because they exist for the sole purpose of putting down people so hard that I fear the weak hearted could contemplate killing off their online personalities. It sucks that we “can’t all get along”, but that’s the nature of the internet beast where all and sundry can talk out of their asses and claim ‘free speech’ or ‘artistry’. It simply disgusts me.