In honor of a college town

Alright, I’ve bought into the football fever. I don’t have any tickets, but I do plan on wearing a certain color that honors the place. lol. I’ve got the awesomemest dress that totally brings a certain light to M’s eyes whenever I wear it so it’s definitely on my to-wear list. lol. TMI, but heck it’s my blog, no? M & I visited J & J a couple of days ago and she made a kick-ass Asian-inspired dish of rice and the vegetables that could be found at a Restaurant. I daresay hers was better although she didn’t quite beat Inoko Express yet. lol. M & J (her husband) got to working on their GIS stuff (I finally broke down after M’s harrassment and installed ArcGIS on my laptop). I’m only kidding about the harrassment part, but I did finally install ArcGIS on the laptop so that whenever we visited, they (J & M) could do school work while us ladies cooed over Benjy bear. πŸ˜€ He’s the sweetest kid and I just love taking care of him be it by just holding him while his mom does housework or whatever. I can’t wait to get more pictures of the little one.

I’ve got some footage of the school’s marching band that I’m going to upload on my Facebook page versus putting it on here because it’ll be a dead giveaway about my work place. lol. As if I don’t already talk about everything, but my social security number. Ah well. πŸ™‚ The students will begin their dissections today so I am looking forward to the formaldeyhyde goodness (NOT). That stuff burns the eyes so we got a Formaldehyde sniffer to ensure that we are not being exposed to more than recommended formaldehyde levels. I like my boss because she’s super aware and concerned about the safety of her workers and students. That’s all for now. Cheers!