I’m a auntie

Whooeee!. πŸ˜€ Where do I begin? I’ll just have to use bullet points to summarize all that has gone down.

  • Mrs. W had her baby! The little guy was a little bigger than everyone had expected (8lbs 6oz) which had her thanking God she didn’t wait another week or so to meet her official due date. Her water broke in the wee hours of the morning and the calls went out. M got the news from his mom and when I got up around 5am to pee, he told me. It was like a light bulb went off in my head. I could NOT stop talking and I forced M (who stayed up pretty late) to drive us to the hospital to see her. In looking back at the pictures that were taken of all family members who were at the hospital, just look for the girl with the crazy look in her eyes. πŸ™‚ It’ll probably help that I was also the only brown skinned person there. lol. His parents have chosen a strong and meaningful name for their little boy and I couldn’t be happier for them. It’s a bit unreal because I remember Mrs. W. being not-pregnant to remembering her talk about the news of her pregnancy to seeing her tummy expand with the little bundle of joy. Now he’s here and he is very welcome. πŸ™‚ Congratulations J & J! I’ve been mercilessly teased about talking about a certain incident at the hospital involving a certain someone who allegedly bit a nurse. Yes, you read that right. lol. In fairness, it wasn’t intentional because this certain someone *cough* Mrs. W. *cough* was in a bit of pain from being poked and prodded. This incident was hilarious because Mrs. W is a gentle soul and this was definitely out of character. lmao. Alright, enough about biting nurses. She had her 2 moms (mom and mother-in-law) with her as well as her husband during the actual delivery which progressed quickly once she had gotten dilated to about 9cm. Mr. W could not stop grinning and he helped give the baby his first bath. Too cute for words. πŸ™‚ In a random segue, I just found a labor & delivery nurse’s blog! lol. I’m glad to say Mrs. W was a model patient. Minus the alleged biting incident. πŸ˜€
  • M & I finally got to see the triple M threat (mom, daughter, husband have first names beginning with M) on Tuesday. It was a blast because I got to waddle into their simply GORGEOUS new pool. It reminded me of some tropical paradise because his mom put some flowers by the mini-waterfall which empties into the pool. I, of course, grabbed my floatie and did my aqua aerobics. M (his younger sister) made me envious by the carefree ease with which she was diving deep underwater and just enjoying the feel. πŸ™‚ I know, I shouldn’t hate. Don’t get mad, get even. It doesn’t help matters that she’s a damn good cook who whipped up the best pasta sauce I’ve had yet! lol. I’ll learn to swim someday. It’s way different than learning to bike and I’m beginning to think learning to swimming will be really hard because the discomfort level will be initially high.
  • I got dinged from big fish #1. I had known this possibility could happen and despite telling myself that it could happen, I found myself really disappointed. I wondered where I’d “dropped the ball” in this interview. M’s mom said something simple which I’ve heard various permutations of: if it’s meant to be, it will be. Mr. W’s mom who’s a riot also offered some words of advice on handling these rejections which I greatly appreciated. In the somewhat good news, I was told they had forwarded my resume to a different department that they thought could use my skills so I hope something comes out of that, although I’m not holding my breath anymore. I can finally sleep well now that I know my fate. πŸ™‚ It’s back to the drawing board to rework my resume which I got some criticism about during big fish #1 interview.
  • I got to play with S and M (S is a shepherd/lab mix and M is an English bulldog). I got teased about M weighing what I did, but when I divulged what my true weight was, I got some slight disbelief. lol. That’s what biking’ll do to you. I’ve become more muscular than I’ve ever been and although that number sounded a bit high, it’s real. πŸ™‚ Maybe 2 lbs off, but M’s got me on a weight gain routine. I am a sucker for animals because they are as high energy as I am. I thoroughly wish we (the animals & I) could have gone out to play. I usually give S a few runs around the house and she keeps up with me. She’s too cute with her floppy ears and M is all heart & muscle. That was my first close up with a bulldog (not counting the stone dogs that dot the little town I live in) and M was an impressive specimen. Mr. W’s mom’s trying to get us to come down and visit which I just might take her up on!

That’s about it in a nutshell. Have a great weekend!

Painfully slow

The computer’s specs at the lab are anemic. For hard drive space, it has a whopping 10GBs. Memory (RAM) is an anemic 256MB thus ensuring I can only have 2 windows (one for Internet Explorer and the other for Windows Explorer for file browsing). It is both good and bad that this is so. πŸ™‚ I’ll leave it at that. I don’t get online as frequently as I used to. I’ve stopped being on the phone as much and I’m very proud that I’m trying to be as professional as I can. Top secret thingamajig (not really) has started. It’s pretty cool. It will actually be of benefit to me. I don’t think it’ll be a long-term thingamajig, but it will be definitely interesting.

Life at Hotel California (inside joke) is going on as well as can be. The heating/cooling games are still going on, but I’ll keep doing what I’m doing: trying to save us all some money by keeping the thermostat well below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I woke up this morning to a reading of 71 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t know what PC is trying to do, but I think it’s not too far-fetched to assume that he’s not feeling the pinch because the love is being shared between 3 other people. Grrrh. I don’t like that assumption. Nevertheless, he bumps it up and it’s my unofficial job to bump it back down. We had come to some sort of agreement to keep the temperature at 68, but on days that are just fine, I don’t really see the need to keep it at 68. I’m sure we’ll be having a meeting about this. It’s not a biggie because the past 2 mths, our utility bills have been the lowest in a while for 2 people. Imagine if we weren’t on the internet (of which the phone comes whether or not we want it). Overall, I think our weird system works out.

I finally signed up at the Gym close to my place of work. I’m excited at jump-starting my fitness again. I’ve grown tired of treadmilling so I anticipate that I will do a lot of anaerobic exercise, leg lunges, weight lifting, that sort of thing. It’s funny how I used to do nothing but the treadmill for hours, years past. Now, the stuff I’ve read has convinced me that it’s strength and conditioning exercises that cause you to lose body fat. It is very possible for someone to be skinny, but still "fat" because their body fat percentage is still high! I am thinking to splurging to get some sort of body fat analysis done. Anyhow, on my lunch break, I shall check the place out. I brought my gym clothes (a.k.a. regular clothes that I’ve worn before) and I’m ready to rock and roll!! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to sign M up so we can do some exercises together.