A day of dogs.

As I’m lately wont to do, my day can be pretty much summed up in my title. As in, I worked with dogs today. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s not strictly true as I did do something pertaining to horses. Nevertheless, my immediate supervisor and I got to work together today. She’s very knowledgeable and I hope I don’t sound like a total moron in front of her. We received a batch of dissection dogs and what happens with these dogs is that they are essentially steeped in embalming solution which keeps them preserved. This embalming solution is really pungent and some students are even allergic to them so I/we had to rinse off the embalmed dogs (we started with 8) water and stored them in provided plastic bags. I anticipate finishing the task tomorrow (about 30 more dogs to go) along with help from a 2nd year student who will be my muscle arm. I tell you, these animals are heavy. I’m definitely going to have to put on a pound or two just so I can do my job. I already got semi-ordered to “put some meat” on by my immediate supervisor. I’m working on it. lol.

In the meantime, I’m still trying to see the best way to set up my office. I would definitely love for pictures of my family to be around although I won’t go too crazy. I need to take advantage of Georgia’s tax free week (beginning today) and stock up on school supplies i.e. calendar, organizers, etc. Matt has done well in his summer class and I know he will be able to handle the workload during the school year. Given his computer usage at home, I am convinced that he will need a laptop in order for him to get his work done. We can afford a laptop that is $800 and under. I would go out and get it for him right away if not for the fact that it will sort of be unplanned and hence will need to be put on the credit card. If I had a few more months, I could definitely save up for it. I’ll update on what we have decided later.

Money and the DMV

Only in my household is it not strange to remember that my permit expires in about 24 hours and then, I make frantic calls to the husband and my employers to: take me to the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and excused from work for about 1 hr. Thankfully, we managed to beat the hordes at the DMV and we got out of that place in less than 30 minutes. Score!! The sad part, however, is that I’ll have to rinse and repeat in less than a year all because USCIS has seen it fit to give me a “conditional” LPR status versus the old-days-of-yore 10-year limit on those green cards. I’m not too bothered by it though. Just the thought of needlessly spending $10 again to renew the card makes me a bit … itchy. Renewing my drivers’ permit is the least of my worries. Renewing my permanent resident card is the real hassle although I won’t have to worry about it until next year. Still, who would have thought 2008 is already half over? The USCIS filing fee already leaves a huge rock in my gut (~ $545), but I’ve already started saving towards it. Thank God for ING Direct‘s sub accounts! They actually make it easy for you to save! I have to restrain myself from pouring too much of my paycheck into my savings accounts ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure I won’t be over-saving (if that is possible) because I’ve committed to contributing $200 to my Roth IRA account. It should not put too much of a dent in my earnings because on my previous salary, I could, in theory, fit in my $200 IRA payment so now that I am earning a little bit more, I can definitely fit in the Roth IRA payments. Saving for retirement (or just for savings sake) is definitely a priority with me as my posts on finances will tell you. However, I recently got M & I signed up for something that’s really confidential. lol. I’m itching to tell you guys about it, butร‚ย  I promised I wouldn’t. No, it’s not something that’ll make me/us super-rich or bestow us with honorary degrees. It is something that I’ve been wanting to participate in (for a long while now) and I was getting to the point of thinking the organization was a total fraud. Well, I’m a believer and I’ll write more about this in a couple of years. lol.

In other news, classes for the students will begin in a little over 3 weeks. I spent the better part of yesterday with my boss whcanine scapulao showed me how to skin a dog’s forelimb. He is a veterinary toxicologist by training, but he clearly loves anatomy and he spent the rest of the time showing me the various muscles around the dog’s scapula and the canine equivalent of the human upper arm muscles.ร‚ย  I actually remember much of what was shown to me yesterday! I really find it interesting although time will tell if it’s just early employment jitters or the real thing. lol. I learned about the dog’s scapula last week i.e. the names of the parts (see on the left). I’m on the humerus now and hopefully, I’ll be done with that bone by this week or the middle of next week.

(Picture is from Guide to the Dissection of the Dog: 4th edition)

It’s definitely a little bit hard to remember all those names, but the good thing with nomenclature is that it tends to be logical and follow patterns whether it be directionality (dorsal vs. ventral) or positionally (above or below, supra or infra). I’ll let you know how that goes in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’ve got a bunch of embalmed dogs to count up. These dogs will serve as the veterinary students’ dissection dogs to work with during the semester. It will be my job to see that they preserve their animals well and try to keep the laboratory clean. I should be getting scrubs this week and also get some T- shirts so that I don’t totally ruin my entire wardrobe. I think it’s safe to say that my favorite pairs of jeans (blue and black) have been ruined. lol. Well, not so much ruined as “they are not for fancy wearing” anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚ They’ve got blood on them. Oops!