A teeny tiny update and I start speaking pidgin English

Okay, some changes have been madeto Google’s Adsense terms and conditions. Nothing that will adversely affect me, but one of the things that stands out is the requirement of all Adsense publishers to have a privacy policy on their sites (I’ve had one already in place) addressing concerns surrounding cookies, web beacons et cetera. Visit JenSense for an in-depth breakdown of all that is needed and the changes. Accordingly, I’ve updated my privacy policy. Also, for a quick rehash of the program policies pertaining to Adsense, visit this Q&A (for the US). In other news, another Daylight time change will happen sometime tomorrow. I will ‘lose’ an hour and by that, I mean if I wake up and it’s 8am in my head, it’s really 9am i.e. time skips forward. Does that make sense? In my mind, I’m losing an hour but they say it’s ‘gaining’ an hour. I guess, it is ‘gaining’ an hour extra of daylight. Correct me now because I suspect I’m wrong. πŸ™‚ I made some chili today again and it was excellente! M came home on his break to get some of that yummy goodness. I don’t fault his decision. I stopped by the L to take care of some business very briefly and I’m contemplating stepping in briefly tonight (i.e. around 10.40pm) to do a simple thing that will save me some work during the week. I hate feeling like I’m slacking off but this is the first weekend in a while I don’t have anything on the weekend. I’ve been catching up on my feeds and ruthlessly deleting those that haven’t updated their blogs in a while. I think I should post more about various things that strike me when I read about that. We’ll see.

As far as savings go, we’re fluid. I’m actively using my ING savings account and please shoot me an email at my (firstnamelastname@yahoo.com) or my contact form if you need a referral to open up your very own savings account. I recommend it highly. It keeps my money safe from where my nimble hands cannot touch it. I get a kickback of $10 if you open up an ING savings account with at least $250 and you get a kickback of $25 for opening the account with that amount of money! It’s a win-win situation, friends. We’re actively resuming our apartment search after an unexpected spike in our heating bill again which does not bode well for the summer. I don’t think our landlord understands our need to keep our bills to the minimum we can get them to. Yes, I understand the need for comfort, but when propped against the fact that (1) you know how to cut costs but seemingly won’t (presumably because you aren’t the only one bearing the brunt of the bills) (2) some odd logic concerning heating cycles and heating furniture 2 days in advance of a ‘mere chance of snow flurries’. Alright, there’s some exaggeration and I love my LL, but our heating bills are just crazy up in Hotel California. This month of February, he told me the house heating bill was $200. Split 4 ways, that’s roughly $100 for M & I on gas heating alone. We haven’t tallied up the utilities. Well, I’m fairly certain we’ll be coughing up over $150 again in utilities which really really is rubbing me the wrong way considering that (I’m going to be a bit bitchy here. I’m hormonal) we are not living in a 1bd/1ba apartment! Folks!!! See me see wahala. Na 1 room we dey live out of sha. Parlour no be anytin to write home about. No be say we get to run the place o. Na soso animal doti dey eff up the place. I dey fear to invite health department because na jail den go carry all of us go. Na so I dey scratch my head so, dey wonder if this place sef worth the kain money we dey spend for here. I tire oh! Make una help me beg M say e no worth am again. At all. Especially as LL con dey bring one kain pikin to come join our craziness. Haba. Our LL sef dey one kain o. Make hin dey wait for summer. He don find mugu wey go dey chop bills abi. You know I’m serious now that I’m breaking out my broken English. In fact, I’m cracking up so much that I think I’m going to start blogging pidgin English about semi-sensitive stuff. lol. Peace and good night!

I’m tired

Work has been hard on me. Nobody said it was easy, right? It sure is different from this side of things i.e. being a research technician who seems to be any and everything to a lab versus a student who is not as beholden as a techie. I don’t mind it for now. I’ve had my dark moments of “what in God’s name did I sign up for?” Moments where I wish I’d held out rather than going against my instincts. However, I’ve only been 2 weeks on the job and my prayer is that certain things get better. I understood the nature of the beast, but certain expectations are a little outre. Still, in accordance with my employer’s policy, I am on probation for 3 mths wherein I can be fired without even being given a reason. Naturally, I’m going to be on my best-est behaviour till the danger period has passed. πŸ˜€ Speaking really conservatively, I plan on being here for a year and then, doing something different. I’ve already started doing the groundwork/research and so wish me luck in my unnamed endeavour. πŸ™‚ In other news, Matt and I have “graduated” from sleeping in our little bitty 10 by 10 room. lol. It’s not as bad as it sounds. We had the run of the house and still do in our larger room. It’s comfy and even though it comes with a higher price tag, I’m grateful. After all my bitching, we’re still paying less than we would if we lived on our own. However, at times, the argument for having our own place holds sway over everything else. No offense, but man, I’ve got cat hair everywhere! I love the kitties (Shout out to Snookie, Sammy and Misty), but they sure do shed! Bonnie, the dog, not so much. They do make for nice camera subjects and I shall be making use of my Flickr account to showcase some of my fine work featuring all 3 cats. You’ll love them like I do. Meanwhile, stay tuned.