Less than 10 days to my break

Phew! It’s been a long while, my darling blog. How have you fared in my absence? 🙂 Well, my Christmas shopping is far from done. It goes without saying that Matt & I are going with thoughtful gifts that won’t break the bank. I wouldn’t want to receive any gifts that broke the bank either. Anyway, my break starts on Christmas Eve until the New Year. That’s pretty awesome. I have been plotting on ways to spend my time and I need to draw up a sheet with the list of activities that could be done.

First of all, I just want to congratulate Matt on getting an A one of his first courses towards getting a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He put so much time & effort into it and it paid off handsomely. Cheers, babe!

Second, I’m contemplating the idea of pursuing a minor in Computer Science. Hear me out folks! lol. I think know life is too short and I’m all about focusing on what makes me feel fulfilled & happy. At this stage in my life, I think a change of pace/scene will do me some good and perhaps light the fire under me once again. The exact details of what I hope to study are sort of, unclear, but in time, once I figure out payments et. al, I’ll keep y’all updated. Basically, it’s been well documented that I have an interest in computers and I’d like to explore that part of me. Who knows where it’ll take me? In any case, keep me in your prayers!

Map picture

Third, I finally got some video of my darling niece (Maxine). She’s just too cute for words and I cannot wait to hold her in my arms. 🙂 ‘Well, that’s all for now. It’s getting late here. Cheers! Lest I forget, that’s a map of Lagos, Nigeria. For any newcomers, that’s my city, right there.



Wow, it’s been a long while. What has been going on? Well, a lot of work, for starters.

  1. I’m settling into my new job and celebrated my one month anniversary with a little drama that has since died down. 🙂 I finally have dental insurance (and so does Matt!! lol) and we shall be planning a trip to the tooth doctor pretty soon.
  2. Did I say that I love WordPress 2.3 for the tagging functionality? I’d gotten pretty tired of waiting for the autometa plugin author to update because it was the only ‘tagging’ plugin that I trusted. Somehow, I get the feeling that after I bitched about how autometa 0.9 was mucked up, the author might have taken umbrage. I’m sure this is not the case, but just some paranoia on my part. Anyhow, I have no need for those kind of plugins anymore, thanks to WordPress!
  3. My RAZR took a nose dive into over 100 degree Celsius water and has gone kaput. I’ve had to bust out my old Nokia 6010 and that’s a big step down. All my contacts were on the phone (not the sim card) so they are all lost too. This majorly sucks except that thanks to Motorola’s software, I was able to back up my contacts. So, I shall be hunting through my computer files to find said contacts. Omg, I actually just remembered that I had indeed backed up my contacts. Awesome! For those who may be getting close to losing their phones, make sure you copy all your contacts to your SIM card (if it will take them all) and find out if your phone manufacturer has some sort of companion software (like Motorola Phone Tools). This software will serve you well i.e. you can download your pictures taken by your phone, copy/upload songs or ringtones/video/pictures, organize/download/backup your contacts/calendar/etc.
  4. I got a credit limit increase with one of my credit cards (For the record, I have just two), but it came too late. I’ve made up my mind to dump this certain credit card because they were rather slow in upping said credit limit. I believe I will be done with them by the year’s end. The other credit card is another story. I shall not be cancelling the other because this is America and without a credit card, you are useless.
  5. Matt and I have pretty diverse schedules so it makes for boring weekends for me (I’m off on the weekends while he’s not) and interesting weekdays for him (He’s off some days during the week during which he proceeds to do all sorts of fun stuff without his wife!! 😀 I should add that the wife is usually unwilling to leave the warmth of the bed and/or room and/or novel. Nevertheless, we managed to have a “date” yesterday with our place being the venue. He was sent to the store to buy stuff that we would munch on and rented a movie also. However, I fell asleep and Matt (bless his soul) didn’t perturb my deep slumber.
  6. And lastly, my sister is engaged!! Holy mackerel, she’s getting hitched!!! I was so excited when I heard the news. She and her future husband are both in the same line of work (accounting) and work for banks. They are both based in Nigeria and they officially made “introductions” this past Sunday. In Nigeria, the man’s side needs to pay a visit to his future in-laws and formally announce his intent. Here’s a pretty interesting article on the Igbo Traditional Marriage. This was what happened and according to my mom, several of my uncles/relatives/aunts were able to make it. Bennett and Donald were given the task of filming the ceremony although Dad thinks they did a worse job than he did filming. Can I hear someone scream “Ugbo!!!” to Ben and Donald? lol. They will get the joke and even Matt. I’ve been teaching him my mannerisms. I cannot wait to see the pictures because my sister was stunning as ever and always. Debo, I’ll be watching you. lol.

In other marriage news, my friend (AT) is getting married next year! She’s invited me to her celebrations and I hope to high heavens that I will be able to go! That’s about it for now. Have a good weekend, y’all and TGIF!!