Preparing for 3 days of camping

When the groove strikes me, I go all out: blaring music from my room, tidying up, etc. It feels good. πŸ™‚ Even better is finding over $25 dollars in spare change. Matt’s bad/good about dropping change into our spare-change cup and I finally counted out the coins (excluding the pennies). So, that will be enough … Continue reading Preparing for 3 days of camping

Greco-Roman Ancient History

I love reading about those non-existent, but fascinating Greco-Roman gods and goddesses. More tidbits can be found on numerous internet sources, but this is my little contribution. Let the true Greek/Roman mythology fan stand up! I’ve been an avid reader of all things pertaining to the Greek/Roman myths and these details are from my brain, … Continue reading Greco-Roman Ancient History

Privacy Policy

This site uses software that collect standard bits of information on consumers or visitors who browse this Web page like IP addresses, browser or referrer information etc. However, these are for the purposes of knowing how best to tune my site for your maximum benefit. IP address logging is standard, but it doesn’t tell me … Continue reading Privacy Policy