In honor of a college town

Alright, I’ve bought into the football fever. I don’t have any tickets, but I do plan on wearing a certain color that honors the place. lol. I’ve got the awesomemest dress that totally brings a certain light to M’s eyes whenever I wear it so it’s definitely on my to-wear list. lol. TMI, but heck … Continue reading In honor of a college town

Bye bye to incompatibility (buhbye F Secure)

I will start this post by saying I know next to nothing about the innards of internet security clients or antivirus software. However, when a problem consistently pops up in your internet security software and there is no useful information to help you solve the problem, you are justifiably mad. In my case, here are … Continue reading Bye bye to incompatibility (buhbye F Secure)

Windows Vista Ultimate on my dv9700t = Sweetness. :P

*dun dun dun dun* lol. She’s here!!! Yes, I am really typing this at 5am in the morning. You see, I didn’t entirely want to do this (wake up this early), but my allergy/unknown ailment/itching kicked into high gear. Voila! I was sleepless at home. I figured I might as well wake up and do … Continue reading Windows Vista Ultimate on my dv9700t = Sweetness. πŸ˜›

Software rant

I love Firefox so when version 3.0 was released, I upgraded instantement. As anyone will tell you, newly released software will contain bugs and Firefox 3.0 is not different. In fact, 5 hrs after its release, a zero day bug (zero day means one that can bring hell & damnation to your computer. πŸ˜€ Not … Continue reading Software rant

ActiveSync 4.5 works again!!!

Oh my lord!! You guys, wonders shall never end. I bought my refurbished Palm Treo 750 back in October of 2007. I discovered wonderful ActiveSync and then, I discovered Bluetooth technology. My desktop (HP Pavilion A1110n) didn’t have in-built bluetooth connectivity so being the nosey parker that I am, I bought a bluetooth adapter from … Continue reading ActiveSync 4.5 works again!!!