Problems with Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional and more

Okay, this is a semi-technical, but bear with me. So, I purchased the educational version of Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional. Not a big deal because I’ve worked with version 6.0 before and it works perfectly on my Windows XP Home computer. Well, that was XP. This is Windows Vista and 64-bit vista to boot. There were so many problems that I don’t know where to begin. So, I’ll bullet-point the issues.

  1. The file AdobePDF.dll is needed“: The first time this happened, i panicked and quit the installation. I re-installed Adobe Acrobat 8.0 a second time and when this dialog popped up again, I looked for the Amd64 folder (versus the I386 folder it initially looks at for AdobePDF.dll) and found a file called AdobePDF.dll there. I thought, “Voila!”, all was well. Then, I discovered that printing was extremely sketchy i.e. it would print, then it would hang up my computer and I’d have to go into the Windows task manager to kill the process manually. The issue with printing to the Adobe PDF printer started with being unable to print from Firefox then Internet Explorer until the Adobe Printer entered an error state. At this point, I decided to “modify” my installation which, prior to all of this, had been since been updated to Adobe 8.1.2 from 8.0. Modifying my Adobe Acrobat installation was done by going to the Control Panel in Windows Vista (64-bit version) and clicking “Programs and Features”. I right-clicked on the installation I wanted to change and a dialog box came up asking if I wanted to: modify, repair or remove my installation. I selected “modify” and simply re-installed the program again. Notably, I didn’t get a dialog box asking for AdobePDF.dll anymore. So the point of my ramblings, if you are having trouble with your Adobe PDF printer, your first tactic should be to modify the installation and simply re-install.
  2. Here’s the gnarly part of my suggestion. After I had a second Adobe PDF printer showing up in my “Printers” list, I tried to print out a page to the “working” PDF printer. Well, it printed, but somehow it kept printing to the faulty Adobe PDF printer also!! I got my PDF file alright, but the other PDF printer was going nuts. I finally went into the printer properties by right-clicking the troublesome printer and then, selected “properties”. I went to the “Ports” tab and clicked the 2 Adobe PDF printers listed then. Then, I hit “enable printer pooling.” I have no idea what that did at the time, but I was just frustrated. To my uneducated mind, I understood the solution to my problem at the time (having 2 printers that did the same thing except one worked and the other didn’t) as being: I needed to merge the 2 printers. “Pooling” meant something close to “merging” so I pooled the 2 printers ports which were: (i) LPT1 (the bad Adobe PDF printer) and (ii) Documents\*.pdf which was the working Adobe PDF printer. Immediately after pooling the printers, the bad Adobe PDF printer disappeared from the Printers” list. Continue reading Problems with Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional and more

Have you seen Mr. Brooks?

Matt brought this movie home as a Redbox DVD rental and we (a.k.a. I) haven’t stopped talking about it. We told our landlord about it and he can’t stop talking about it. My lab mate watched the same movie and he can’t stop talking about it. It was wicked and very well done movie. My God, I’m enthralled with Kevin Costner all over again. The soundtrack was perfect for the movie in its eerie spooky way. Please, just go see this movie. I can’t even talk about it without giving it away. 😀 However, Matt recently brought home another movie that hit me in a not-so-good spot. It is called “Poor Pretty Eddie” and I’m still wrestling with what this movie was trying to do. Matt feels this movie was trying to show the deep South a(it was filmed in Athens, GA) and their prejudices. I say this movie is playing to those sickos who dream of repeating the atrocities that were perpetrated in the movie. Without spoiling the movie, the revenge doesn’t even come at the hands of the wronged character. Revenge comes on the mind only when one of the character’s pet meets an untimely death. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t like the movie and I don’t know what made me continue to watch. I felt so dirty and sad at the same time. M and I have agreed to disagree on this movie so I’ll leave it at that. Next time he brings any movie, I’ll be sure to do my research on it.

In other news, an aunt called and wants M & I to come on over. We’ve got Christmas eve and Christmas Day booked so the only “free” time for both of us to come jointly will be the day after Christmas and the next. I, on the other hand, am technically free because my employer gives us from Christmas eve up until New Year’s eve. I’m wrestling with myself about taking the plunge and taking all the days I’m allowed. Afterall, they are paid holidays. Nevertheless, I’m torn between wanting to do all the work I can possibly do in order to feel like I’ve “achieved” a little bit of something. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess I should start by informing the bosses about my being off on the 24th and 25th. Then, depending on our financial situation, we may (or just I) go to visit my aunt.

In yet other news, PC bought a router to match the wireless adapters we have i.e. a Belkin G + MIMO router to match out Belkin G + MIMO USB adapter. I have to say that we have been experiencing a lot more uptimes. It’s unbelievable. Previously, we were using the regular Belkin G USB adapter with his Belkin G Wireless Router. Needless to say, from all the bellyaching that has happened on this blog, you know by now that we were hardly ever able to get on the internet. This frustrated me to no end considering that we were footing two-thirds of the internet (and phone bill) because there was no “internet without the phone.” Expectedly, I wanted to be able to have a good browsing experience for all the money we were chipping in (at least $50). After much complaining, PC conceded that:

(1) No, encrypting the wireless network doesn’t somehow cause intermittent connections or nor was the encryption the problem. I got some grief from him because I refused to surf without putting some protection on the wireless network. He was not very willing to do this because he didn’t “have anything sensitive on his computer.” Well, seeing as I paid my bills on the internet and did have sensitive material on my computer, I sure as hell was not going to back down on this issue. I’m happy to say that: (i) Yes, we do have WPA encryption with a kickass password that he thought up.

(2) The problem with connection was more than likely the weak Belkin G USB router. We are easily 2 rooms away from him and it’s explicitly stated on the package that walls do interfere with signal. Even before, we were right next door to him, it was always a game of plugging in our router and praying that the Wireless Gods would let us connect. So, first of all, we upgraded our usb adapter to the belkin g plus mimo thingamajig. We still weren’t able to connect very well so we pushed for a router upgrade. Thankfully, the upgrade happened and we didn’t have to spend any more money. We didn’t have to argue over whether or not to encrypt the network because I was armed with information from the US Government no less!! lol. Just ask Matt.

That’s enough kvetching for now. Take care! and Happy ChrismaHanuKwanzaKah! 🙂

My take on Knocked Up

I wouldn’t normally take the time to write a review about a movie I disliked, but as I was reading Jane’s review, and voicing my opinion she simply suggested that I should write a review in rebuttal of the points she made. Well for starters, I don’t think that what she said was off base per se, but I will just add a few points about what she didn’t say about the movie and it’s main characters.

In summary, Alison and her older sister could easily be seen as superficial and over identified with the material world. A very unattractive quality to those interested in living for a deeper purpose. As a an avid fan of horror movies, psychological thrillers, and many films that are a down right nasty expression of human nature, I am not one to be offended by a film’s portrayal of human nature, shock factor, and the like. It does make me uninterested however, when the protagonist’s shallowness is portrayed as “normal.” In fact, it probably is “normal” by todays standards to frequent night clubs as a mature adult and get your news from Entertainment Tonight in the evenings after a hard days 9-5 it . After all club hopping is something any “normal” healthy, successful young adult should enjoy, right? And in Alison’s sisters case, a 40 + year old married woman. Yes, I know, to a certain degree the females’ materialistic attitudes and shallow behavior was intentional but I began to lose my moral compass in the film as the only relatively redeemable characters, primarily the sisters husband, and secondly, the stoned loser did nothing to dissuade the insanity.

The movie, Knocked Up, had a few nuggets.

Okay, Knocked Up is rated R and by God, rightfully and sinfully so. 🙂 It hits the right notes to attract males and just enough to keep the females happy. By box office accounts, this movie has done well. This movie struck me as having an anti-abortion stance and not justifiably so. The basic premise of the movie is this: girl gets effing drunk, and has a one night stand with a man. Said man is epitome of stoner nation in America i.e. jobless with crazy-as-hell friends who are just as uncouth as he is. Eight weeks later, she ends up with a bundle of joy. What to do? First of all, Alison (girl who gets preggers) lives with her sister (plus husband and kids) in an apparently spacious mansion. This means she has a warm and supportive place to stay with her pregnancy. Her mom counsels her to consider things carefully, but the movie writers expose their anti-abortion bent with a sentence they make Alison’s mom utter, “… when you get married, you’ll have a real baby.” What was up with the ‘real baby’ line? The mother-to-be is not in denial of the fact that her fetus will morph into a ‘real’ baby soon. In fact, it will make no difference to the mother-to-be, IMHO. We, the viewers, can see that the arguments to terminate the pregnancy are just as strong for the arguments to keep the baby i.e. she’s got a good job, good place to stay and a good environment overall. Contrast that with the real life situations that unprepared mothers find themselves in: shitty job, shitty environs, and the list goes on. The good thing is that some unprepared mothers will look beyond that and still keep the baby. The point is that there’s not that big solution (i.e. the instinctive keep-the-baby chant) to this problem. Anyhow, back to the movie, some lines struck a few chords within me such as the need that women feel to want to change their partners for better or worse, living and letting your partner live, resolving conflicts, etc. I could definitely learn a thing or two from this movie, believe it or not. Heck, I probably learned what NOT to do in a relationship. The biggest issue was the lack of communication between both couples. Or I should say, inability to communicate without deterioration into a shout-fest. It largely puts a lot of the blame for relationship woes on women and maybe it does that unknowingly, having fallen into the easy (and funny) way out of things. I do wish they had developed the plot between Alison’s sister and her husband so that we could see how they managed to salvage their marriage. I was a bit disturbed by Alison’s proclamation that her sister & her sister’s husband were miserably unhappy with each other. Oh well, I guess there’s always sequels. Read this review at Slate for more on what was wrong with this movie, but it’s still a must-see movie anyway. It says very articulately, what I feel about this movie. I saw this movie for the princely sum of $2.00 (no tax added) with Matt who took something away from it too. He’s disdainful of modern day movies and their penchant for silliness. 🙂 I dragged him screaming and kicking to see this guy flick even though Daniel, his friend, was the one who suggested that we go see it. In other news, I’ve received semi-official confirmation from the powers-that-be (via email so it still doesn’t feel very official). In other words, say hello to your friendly neighborhood CPR. 😀

The movie, Descent.

Well, well, well. I’m on round two of “negotiations” i.e. another look-see or interview. Just when I was lamenting to Matt about how things didn’t seem so good. An interesting thing that happened today: I actually turned down an interview. I was mentally kicking myself about it, but Matt reminded me of the facts: city was 3.5hrs from where I currently live. My riposte to that was: we could move! However, right now, that would be not-so-smart of me because I surely haven’t exhausted all my chances in this city. I’m excited and really psyched. In other news, I saw the movie “Descent” with Paul and Matt. This movie made me mad, in a good way. First of all, they should bill this movie as “required viewing” for would-be spelunkers or cavers. This is a horror movie and the premise is this: group of 6 girls who are ‘experienced’ and outdoorsy types decide to go caving. This is a fun trip to do with your girls except there are several things that go wrong namely: their ‘leader’ forgets a book that details the entrance & exits; another ‘leader’ conveniently forgets to file a “flight plan” of where they’ll be so in other words, no one knows that they’re there; another ‘leader’ forgets to inform the others that the cave they were currently in was not the cave they thought they would be visiting. Ostensibly, said leader does this because she wants them to claim the cave as theirs. Give me a break. Anyhow, they get trapped in the cave and start getting stalked by some humanoid creatures. Straightforward, right? They get the horror down and I liked the movie up until the screenwriters made a serious error in judgment on who they killed off and who they didn’t. It was like the screenwriters lost their sense of direction once their characters were trapped in the cave. There is an unexplained killing of the main ‘leader’ by another caver and it really pissed me off. In honor of the dead main ‘leader’, here are my suggestions for real-life group spelunking:

  1. Subject everyone to a psychological test to isolate and drop-faster-than-a-hot-potato those who are most likely to wig out on you when it’s pitch-black or wiggling in a tunnel.
  2. Subject would-be cavers to a virtual simulation to buttress the psychological tests and ditch nutcases.
  3. If you are the group leader, ensure that you hold the sole flashlight versus everyone turning on all their flashlights and running out of light energy at critical moments.
  4. In order to prevent Wandering Wilhemina’s from taking off after seeing “daylight” which is truly phosphorus glowing in the cave (which WW would know if she had taken her basic Caving 101 classes); feel free to give WW a stinging slap to jolt her senses back into place.
  5. If a group member is wigging out on you in the cave, feel free to bestow another stinging slap on said group member’s face.
  6.  This one’s for group members: feel free to be more interested in specifics of where you’re going, what you’re doing to avoid going to no-man’s land.Yes, it’s cool to be an “extreme sports” person, but temper your exuberance with a little bit of common sense!

Finally, check out synopsis/review from Hollywood Reporter.

The highs and lows

I’m discovering that I can be a very impatient person sometimes. It’s frustrating to feel like someone else holds your future in their hands, but I know that there are always other options i.e. there’s no one sole option. It’s always a question of whether or not one is willing to go against the odds or dare the consequences. Anyhow, it’s been 4mths on the job market and I’ve got 4 interviews under my belt. The first 3, I knew would be bust because I hadn’t squared out my immigration paperwork. As He would have it, the 4th interview came right as things started turning around with respect to my USCIS stuff. I’ve got a 5th one in the works that should happen next month. Matt’s very happy for me and I’m happy for me. I really want to stay in this part of town, this city and in this state. Granted, there are not many jobs here, but I’m hopeful that I’ll find the right one/fit for me. That said, I’m not averse to moving. I’m not necessarily tied down to GA and Matt isn’t either. It would be foolish of me to discount moving although the chances of getting a job out of state are not any better than GA. Georgia’s got a thriving biotechnology industry. Hell, I live next to a university so right now, my targets have been set on working there. Wish me luck. In other news, this one is sure to make my momma smile. lol. I blended some tomatoes that Matt’s coworker gave him from his garden and made a banging stew. 🙂 No beef/chicken due to the horrendous prices. However, we just ate some potatoes with the stew and Matt’s verdict: awesome. Not that he had any other choice of words. 😀

Before I forget to write about this ever, did I tell y’all that I went to see Live Free or Die Hard a while ago? That movie was awesome! From the start to finish, I was rooting and cheering for Bruce Willis and Justin Long all the way. That was a heck of an action movie and I’m inclined to go see it again. It helped immensely that I saw it at the fabulous dollar theatre I live close to. Some googling action on your part will give you the brief synopsis of the movie. The fight scenes are just fabulous and sometimes, a bit of a stretch but done in a way that will leave you cheering rabidly. lol. The directors knocked this movie out of the ballpark. Go see it! Ooh, my brother, Nick, is having his b-day on the 22nd. Here’s wishing him a wonderful 24th and many more good things to be had out of the year!

Watching the number 23 and plugins galore!

Ok, scratch Tallulah Gorge. Events conspired to prevent us from making it. Nevertheless, we visited one of our favorite spots (by Lake Lanier) and Matt got a good swimming workout while I read by the lake. 🙂 It would be considered in the realm of TMI (too much information) if I went into the reasons I wasn’t able to get into the lake. Anyway, it was fun and we took some neat pictures with Matt’s dad’s camera. He has a nifty Sony Cybershot DSC-P72 camera and while the user interface is not very friendly (IMHO), the pictures are way better than what my old Kodak Easyshare CX7300 would have come out with. I’m inserting some pictures of us and Lake Lanier. Enjoy!

In other news, Matt and I watched a new movie (The Number, 23) that came out featuring Jim Carrey. Now, I’ve trusted Jim Carrey with my comedies and the like. I was a bit leery of him in a serious role like this although I’d heard good things about him in that movie with a really long name (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind). I have to say that this movie was not worth my time. I felt like getting my money back from Hollywood Video. The writers of this sub-optimal plot would have you believe there is some hokey significance in the number, 23, with the silly way they thought up coincidences to this number. Am I the only one who thought it was a bit of overkill to start with the 23-significance-overload right as the movie was starting?? Continue reading Watching the number 23 and plugins galore!