Don’t do business with Bank of America

They are a bunch of low-down scheming crooks. When I first got my card from them, it was a secured Visa credit card. Sometime in October, they “upgraded” my account to a Premium Visa Credit Card. I assumed that they had removed things like my annual fee because I’d been “upgraded” to. Well, I called them to see if they could lower my APR from 20.74% to something other than 20.74%. They said no. I called to get the annual fee ($29) waived and they said no. Well, I’ve paid off my balance and I will not use my Bank of America card just to spite them and make them lose money on my account. They want $29 yearly, they can have it. I don’t have to deal with this crap. I would have closed this account, but apparently, that will cause my credit score to take a hit. Besides, now that I’ve paid off the damn thing, it looks “good” on my credit report. Grrrh. It’ll leave me with only the SunTrust card which looks awful (balance wise). It’s all good. Bad things happen to bad people even bad corporations. Bank of America, I’m sending some prayers your way. I got so mad that I even snapped at M although it was more than just being mad at Bank of America. He just heard me say that I was still at the lab doing some work. I won’t be able to leave until 5.30 and thusly, I will miss my 5.45pm transit bus because the intermediate bus that’ll take me there won’t be taking me until 5.45pm. He knows this or just chooses to forget that he knows this or truly forgot in which case I’m sorry. I’m just in a pissy mood. 🙁

UFC 79 amongst others

Matt and I visited a little tavern where we watched the, you guessed it, UFC match up of Chuck Liddell vs. Wandelei Silva, Matt Hughes vs Georges St-Pierre and some others. It wasn’t even a day before outlets like the Washington Post and the Grey Lady a.k.a. The New York Times were reporting on the outcomes. We got a great spot to sit and watch the pay-per-view event and we ate just appetizers. We both ordered veggie chili and got a pitcher of Miller Lite. 🙂 Matt drank the bulk of it but I wasn’t complaining. I was initially nervous and downed the first half of my glass, but once the food came, I focused on that and let my guard down. We weren’t really hungry, but out of guilt, I order a raw veggie basket which served us perfectly because we really needed finger food. The undergrads aren’t back yet so it was a laidback atmosphere. M and I once went to Hooters to ‘eat’ just so we could watch a UFC fight once. It wasn’t so great because we were watching from a distance and the place was filled with representatives from some gym i.e. muscle-bound men & women. So, eating at this new place was definitely awesome and M tipped the waitress over 25% of our tab in the hopes that she’d remember him/us if we came around. I doubt she’d forget because there weren’t that many interracial couples visiting. 🙂

Anyhow, I’ve changed my blog layout (duh) and I like it. However, I wish to heavens it cames with more options other than “change stories” etc. I shouldn’t moan and whine so much about free stuff. lol. Anyhow, I’m beginning to not like Youtube so much. Why? The low quality of videos there is really getting on my damned nerves. I was just trying to watch a music video, but there are so many results that’s it’s hard to find out the “official” release (some music companies have youtube channels that tend to have high quality videos). However, so many idiots have discovered that you can use some cheap tools to screen-capture videos and then, they repost these videos of supremely crappy quality hoping to derive traffic/fame/glory. Because of these idiots, I’m returning back to my roots i.e Yahoo Launch/Music. Granted, I’m sure I’ll get sick to my stomach again from the 30s adverts, but damn, the video quality is worth it. Say buh-bye to graininess and stupid Youtube account holders inserting plugs for their shit into FREE videos. *shakes head* Alright, let me get my hip-hop music fix out of my head before M comes home. lol.

Ripped off at Chick Fil-A!!

What is the difference between a $2.02 Chick Fil-A chicken biscuit and a $3.89 Chick Fil-A chicken platter? A measly side of eggs (1 medium egg, I’m sure), some foul tasting gravy (sorry sweetie. :D). Can you understand how I feel ripped off? All I can say is “live and learn” and sticking to the single items at Chick Fil-A. They are making shitloads of money off suckers like me who thought they’d be getting a bargain if they sprung for the platter. For the record, please don’t buy the Chick Fil-A chicken platter. You’ll regret it. 🙂

I spoke too soon. :(

Turns out it’s also important to remember where you backed up your phone’s contacts to! I distinctly remember backing up my contacts to a .txt file. However, all the stuff I’m turning up online talks about a .csv file that it was supposed to back it up to! I’m at a loss about what to do. Still, I’ll just wait for those calls to trickle in so I can get people’s phone numbers again. This really sucks!! My old Nokia 6010 is also suffering from old age and I was really beginning to worry that it would wig out on me. So, I bit the bullet and bought a new phone. The sad catch was that I finally had to renew my ATT/Cingular contract. However, this is not too bad. It was a refurbished Palm Treo 750 that I’ve heard lots of good things about. It was also for the princely sum of $99.99 minus taxes. I’ve always wanted a PDA/Smartphone and this is as close as I can get for my money. I’ve used refurbished items before (my now 2 year old desktop computer) which runs relatively smoothly given the amount of usage it has gone through.

Breathe with me. :)

Alright, we had a storm and it knocked us offline for a couple. End of storm and we expected to be back online? Easy right? Wrong. I have had to do a non-destructive recovery of my computer i.e. restores all the factory-bundled programs but saves your data and I’m still not hitting the problem of why I cannot access the wireless network. Ethernet connections work fine, but it involves passing a wire through Paul’s room and he doesn’t fancy that idea. So, I’m writing this post from my intermittent wireless connection. It really sucks and I’m getting frustrated. On the other hand, I’m glad I gave my computer another makeover. All those MS updates took forever, but my pc seems to boot up way faster than it used to before. I guess this means that I need to stay away from freebie programs I get from Giveawayoftheday. There are so many shady programs out there that users need to be careful of. For instance, I installed a piece of crapware peddled by Epsilon Squared which is called InstallWatch Pro. Do. Not. Install. This. Program. Why? There is no uninstall switch. Actually, on installing the program, it warns you that it may not be able to be uninstalled, but I thought that maybe googling would get me out of the mess. I was wrong and you are too so please boycott that site. I went to their Contact page and sent them several emails. No response from them and I was astounded at the fact that I couldn’t find an instance of anyone having trouble uninstalling this program. So, I’ll be the first and tell you that I had a bad experience with uninstalling InstallWatch Pro. Actually, check out this in-depth review of InstallWatch Pro from Teja Consulting about the wrong things with this program.

In other news, I got a very nice belated wedding gift from Paul. He had been scouring the web for a nice advanced camera to use for day-to-day photography and he had decided he would settle for a Fuji Finepix S700 entry-level advanced camera. Well, he accidentally ordered twice and figured instead of returning the camera, he would give the other one to Matt and I as a gift! Well, it takes awesome pictures with the 10X zoom and it has a whole slew of manual controls that blow point-and-shoot cameras out of the water. I’m already filling up SD card so look to my gallery for pictures taken by this neat camera. Heck, PC World gave it 83/100! That’s a B+ and well deserved. So head over to Amazon for a good deal on this Fuji camera.