Moving, moving, gone!

Yup, it’s day two in our new casa. It’s awesome and M & I can’t get enough of it. Right now, it’s a hot mess and our tempers have both flared and ebbed. Hopefully, things will come to some sort of order. I feel so displaced, but I know it’s for a while. There’s a lot to be done and it’s at times like this that M & I’s differences come to the fore. Thankfully, we’re learning to work with our different methods of operation. πŸ˜€ I don’t think you’ve noticed anything on this blog, but I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5. Much of the changes are to the administration panel and you just have to see for yourself. It’s no longer a pain to update plugins because you can do it all from your administration panel without having to hunt down portable versions of FileZilla and 7-Zip (I have them on my 8GB thumbdrive although it’s a pain to generally boot from USB drives especially if your system is slower than a turtle) and do the song and dance that I usually have to do when upgrading plugins. I can’t thank WordPress’s creator (Matt Mullenweg) enough. It’s actually enticing me to do more blogging just so I can discover more of the niceties about WordPress. Enough about that.

M’s dad’s an April Fool baby but he graciously spent it with us lugging our bags and furniture back and forth for two days! Make una help me thank am oh. Mouth no fit talk because as gas dey be so, I no wan tink how much hin put for gas. I sincerely thank him. M’s mom & sister have also gone into planning mode/drive and M’s actually meeting up with them to do some shopping for our place. They’re all so excited for us and I’m overwhelmed by their genuine caring. I feel words can’t really describe my gratitude. I just hope they know I really appreciate them going to bat for M & I. On that tangent, Mrs. JW is looking good and radiant!! 3 more months to go and we’ll see if the stories they tell of her hubby’s family are true! lol. In any case, I’ve got to run. Remain blessed y’all.

In Matt’s words…

One more day, baby. πŸ™‚ One more day till we move into our new apartment. I could hardly sleep last night and I don’t think M appreciated the fact that I kept piping up at 2am with some factoid or imagined nuisance that had occurred. He’s a good sport for keeping up with me. lol. We got our utility bill for February, I guess. I was ~ $150 between M and I. I wasn’t too happy, but I am sure that our next bill had better be under $100 especially as the billing cycles are staggered i.e. it’s actually from Feb 15 to Mar 15 (or so M tells me). In any case, I’m expecting utilities to be halved although I can tell that P is not going to let it be that simple. Since I’ve been living there, he’s split utility bills 4 ways and then, gave up a combined bill. Now, last night we were talking about the bills and he decided to split the bills 3 ways i.e. in stead of doing the usual 4-ways and then, cutting M & I’s in half (i.e. if in fact, the bills are staggered the way I think they are), he wants to just split it 3-ways. At first, I grunted in agreement and let it slide. Then, later at night, I started doing the Math. See, P is a very shrewd man. πŸ™‚ Say, $100 by 4 is $25 per person. M & I would be paying $50 combined and when halved, we’ll be paying $25. But $100 by 3 is $33 and I’m sorry we’ need all the cash we can save. It’s not a matter of $5.67 and rounding up to $6 as he always does with the figures which I don’t care about anymore. This is an $8 difference. I stewed on it last night and M hates when I let small issues bother me. So this morning, I wrote a note to him saying he should divvy the bills up the way he normally does it. Why change it up now?

Chei, dis old man get sense sef. Hin wuru wuru pass me. Hin no say if hin do the way hin dey do am before, he no go make money for our back. Na fine eye I go take look our final bill wen he go bring am because I no go gree oh. Una no say since we tell am say we dey carry go, he no dey turn heater on like say hin get millionaire renters. Menn, human beings sef. We sabi to dey take advantage of our fellow man oh. Na im be the only explanation I fit get from this whole experience. Agin, make we dey clear for one ting: Hin do well to take me plus M for him place. Hin no do well to dey fire heater like say tomorrow no dey. Everytime we hala for am say make hin turn am down, him reasoning be say na four people so we go fit bear the financial burden. Now say the cash cows don dey carry go, him brain come correct. Con dey talk story about how bills are getting lower my yansh. lol. I just pity am sometimes because na penny wise pound foolish be hin name. God go bless am, but sometimes hin too do.

update: E be like say I don talk pass mysef. πŸ™‚ Turns out the utilities aren’t staggered thus he was probably doing us a favor. πŸ˜€ Humble pie anyone?