Family cookout

Matt, mom and I are heading to my sister-in-law’s house to grill out along with Matt’s dad. It’s sort of an informal send-off party for my mom who’s leaving for Nigeria tomorrow. I’ve had such a blast with her at my place this week and I’ll be sad to see her go! It’s time to dust off the camcorder and get some farewell pictures, etc.

Some videos are up!

Finally, my Gallery is accepting my video files! Head on over there and sign in to view the precious footage of my I caught Daddy in the act of corrupting his mind with American TV (Judge Judy et. al) . Well, wish me luck. Life’s been more or less the same with my husband and I. It feels slightly surreal to think I’m married now, but I know that I’ve got a good man who respects my wishes just as I respect his. I don’t have a clue what to do about my website and right now, you could say I’m burned out w.r.t. to website building, etc. I want something manageable like Drupal or WordPress as well as flexible. For now, I’ll tinker with Drupal and Gallery and try to make both of them play nice. 🙂

Sweltering Summer

Life has been awesome with both my parents being with me. I finally had a reception thrown by Matt’s mom and aunties where both sides of the families were able to meet each other. It has been a blast. I hadn’t seen my mother in nearly 6 yrs and oddly enough, it was like yesterday. Well, I’ve been pigging out which is causing my mother some concern. lol. She’s the same old mother I left back in Nigeria, moles and all. My dad’s since returned to Nigeria with tons of footage from his brief stay here. However, they have rather long term visas so they’ll be able to come back whenever they feel like it.