waiting to exhale

So, I attended a job interview last week and received a request for things like my references, transcripts, etc. This hasn’t happened for me before (and I’ve attend 3 interviews prior to this one). I liked the environment and my interviewer was laidback, but insightful. We talked for a good bit (~ 1hr long interview) and then, I went to see the laboratory. I’m excited about the prospect of possibly being hired. This will be my first real job since I got done with school and whatnots. Please put me in your prayers for this job and for another big event coming up pretty soon.


They say the key to keep marriage waxing strong is keep talking. I always thought that would be a snap to do, but in a way, it makes sense why that is hard to do sometimes. M and I just passed our 3 mth mark and it was great. We went to see a band (Pelican) at a club downtown. It was great even though (as expected), I was the only person of color there. πŸ™‚ Oh well, nothing to worry about there. I didn’t feel like an outcast or anything. In other news, we live in an old house that’s had quite a series of problems. From a recent $200 power bill to air issues, things are happening. I’m sure that, understandably, this might increase overhead. However, rent is still not what it would be if we were doing the usual renting-style. I won’t feel the pinch once I’m working and speaking of which, I had an interview today which went well, IMHO. The question is if they liked me/my style/my presentation enough to hire me. Now, they have more interviews to conduct so I’ll just hope they call me back. I’ve had enough interviews to know that when they say they’ve got more interviews, it means they didn’t like you sufficiently to hire you on the spot. Now, I don’t know any different i.e. I’ve never had a “real” job before to know how it works. So, if I do get this job, I’ll edit this post, but till then, I’ll keep actively searching. Wish me luck!

3 month mark!

We started out on a very good note and got quite a few things done. I updated the address on my drivers’ permit for GA today, got Matt to have a chat with the Personnel Dept. to clear some things up and will be getting prints from Walmart in about 2 days time. We went out to eat at a place called Barberitos where they served some banging salad in a shell that’s scrumptious. Their salsa and chips were off-the-hook and we, accordingly, ordered a bag of chips to go with their salsa. Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a trip down to Atlanta to take care of some business, Matt’ll probably take his bike to ride at Fort Yargo and we’ll pretty much play it by ear. I’ve gotta run. Ciao!

What goes around … comes around.

This latest video is one from Justin Timberlake and the only one that I happen to like from his entire album. It’s the classic girl cheating on guy who gets cheated on in turn. It’s a never ending themes with so-called R-n-B songs. He used Timbaland on this song so in fairness, the beat is the nice. I actually just watched someone’s short video to the last few seconds of the song and it was fan-tis-tac. πŸ™‚ What I don’t like about the song is the ghetto-isation of Timberlake a la the “ay ay ay” that is a staple of rappers’ songs. Oh well, I’m sure he knows where his bread and butter is. In other news, I’ve been uploading pictures from my high school days to Facebook and the comments I’ve gotten on them are hilarious. It makes me wish I’d taken more pictures in highschool. Actually, I hope it’ll make those who did take pics to put them up just for kicks. On another front, I’ve got a job interview!! Just after 1 day of applying for said job, and I get a callback! Well, I hope to high heavens that this pans out. If it doesn’t, I think it’s refreshing that my skills are not rusty. Wish me luck. Shout out to mom for calling me daily. Just awesome. Thanks!! In other other news, my 3-month anniversary is tomorrow!! Woot!! lol. 9 more months to go to make it a year of marriage. Here’s to my wonderful and persevering husband, Matthew. He is singlehandedly responsible for the redemption of the human male because he’s countered the emotional moodswings of a hormonal woman and survived without major mayhem! lol. Muahh!. Continue reading What goes around … comes around.


Well, Matt and I have been super busy, data gathering, etc. It’s been hard, but I’ve been preparing. Keep Matt and I in your prayers. In other news, I’ve been getting a lot of flack (loving flack) from Paul (my landlord and friend) and Matt about the amount of time I spend on the internet. All I can say is that I’m 100% positive a job will cure me of this temporary addiction. πŸ™‚ I’ve not got much to write actually. I’ve been catching up with my music library and listening to music. I’ll update later when I feel more garrulous.

Ciara and latest news

Holy smokes! Embedded video works on this thing. Awesome. I’m going to start things off with a cheeky video from Ciara called “Like A Boy”.

I absolutely love it and something for “thugs” or outright scoundrels to think about. In other news, My mom stayed behind after my dad left for Nigeria. She just returned on the 15th. She will be thoroughly missed by all who got to know her. In other news, I’m beginning to find that I’m in a catch-22 situation. It’s a resolvable issue but one that could turn out really well, partly mess or downright ugly. πŸ™‚ No alarms yet. I’ll have to wait till the end of a certain month to find out if the end is in sight. Kthxbye. πŸ™‚ That’s LOLCat speak, FYI.

Family cookout

Matt, mom and I are heading to my sister-in-law’s house to grill out along with Matt’s dad. It’s sort of an informal send-off party for my mom who’s leaving for Nigeria tomorrow. I’ve had such a blast with her at my place this week and I’ll be sad to see her go! It’s time to dust off the camcorder and get some farewell pictures, etc.