A wee bit frustrated

There’s a little known fact about me: sometimes, the really small stuff gets to me. We have some sort of sharing system going on. Without divulging too much, it’s a situation that’s causing me to rip the little hairs out and the kicker is that it’s over little stuff. Seriously, how do I let go of the little stuff? Grrrh.

Being busy

Wow, I feel like I’ve been ripped off. I bought a $29.99 Belkin Bluetooth Adapter from CompUSA on the 24th only for them to unleash a $20 rebate the next day (i.e. today)!!! What gives?? Well, the first thing is that I placed another order for a Bluetooth Adapter. The second is I shall be calling to request a return authorization number (RMA) in order to return the other adapter I ordered. Grrrrh.. I’m so not looking forward to working tomorrow after 4 days off the grid. 🙁

Bank drama et al

Well, well, well. The saga isn’t over yet no matter how much I’d like it to be. The first salvo has been fired by yours truly (me). My initial demands from Bank of America & Wachovia were: (i) figure out whose fault it was that a valid check issued by BoA was rejected (ii) In the meantime, get $20 in fees refunded back to me (Wachovia) (iii) Can I get my check reissued again (BoA)? Thus far, Wachovia finally agreed to refund the $20 in fees which was rather unexpected. I called their customer service line on a hunch today and I got in touch with a very understanding representative. She said the magic words that I needed to hear: “I don’t know if it was our bank screw-up or BoA’s. I just know it wasn’t your fault.” Those words were salve to my hurting bank account. Is it so hard for banks to actually empathize with their customers? So, right now, all I need from BoA is a conclusion of their so-called “investigation” and a refund of my darned security deposit. The funny/weird thing though is the money will still go to paying off my credit card bill. Talk about irony.

In other news, I think I’ve put on 10lbs this week. From the start of my 4-day weekend to the end (tomorrow), it has been a food orgy. 🙂 I spent Thanksgiving with Matt’s paternal side of the family. It was an interesting experience. The best part was getting to meet a golden retrieve named Ginger. I like to think I got along fabulously with her and her keepers. 😀 I met some new and old people & got re-acquainted. The food and booze/wine/liquor/liqueur was excellent. By the way, those last two words are pronounced differently as I learned.  Friday was spent semi-detoxifying from all the food from Thursday. Saturday, M & I headed down to Julie’s where we sampled another of her creations. This time, she made some kick ass chili (meatless and regular) which I told her hubby was better than Wendy’s chili. 🙂 I also told him that that was one great compliment considering how much I looove Wendy’s chili. Just ask M.

Finally, I’m going to have to keep this post short because Matt’s glaring at me. He needs to be up before 10am after the little get-together at Julie’s place. I finally caved in and got a bluetooth adapter for my computer. I’m hoping to be able to do fun tricks with PDA & my computer. We’ll see how that goes. I consider little peripherals like the adapter “investments.” Seriously, I’ve got peripherals for my computer coming out the wazoo. Thankfully, they are all things that are swappable so I figure when I get my laptop, I can share these items e.g. my bluetooth adapter, external hard drives, usb floppy drive, wireless adapter, etc. I’m considering going to do some work tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes. Till next time, ciao.

If I could, I would

*shaking head* I am really pissed off right now at two of my banks. I received a refund of my collateral ($99) from one of them and cashed this amount at the second bank around the 1st week of November. Fastforward to this morning, I checked account at second bank to find that the check from 1st bank I cashed was returned. Being the financially unsound person that I have been, this sent me in the red (with pending charges even!!). I call up 2nd bank who can’t tell me the reason check was returned because the “Returns Department” is not available. I call 1st bank to ask why their check bounced and CSR hems-and-haws. Long story short, 1st bank is doing some research/investigation. 2nd bank needs me to call to remind them to not charge me overdraft fees some something that was not my fault. I’m sick of 1st bank’s shenanigans. Before the year is over, I can going to cancel my account with them. That will be my gift and promise to myself.

As for 2nd bank (that would be Wachovia), if I could, I would cancel my savings/checking account with them. The problem is the hassle of updating other payments with new information from other account. They are awful at updating their customers with current information on their account status. After this latest fiasco, I am going to seriously consider those WaMu deals. 🙂 Afterall, this devil I know (Wachovia) is becoming to be more than I can handle. Maybe the saint I don’t know (WaMu) will spice things up.

Having a plan for the future

So, I’ve been reading up on financial articles and the like. Particularly, those that focus on how to start saving for retirement, paying off credit card debt, you get the picture. Right now, we have some “manageable” debt. Mostly what I brought with me into my union. 🙂 Sorry, M. lol. Sometimes, I freak myself out with scenarios of the bank suddenly wanting it all back. That’s not/never happen(ing)(ed) as I pay my bills on time, etc. Anyhow, my financial plan for the new year will be to be 80% free of my credit card bills. I will have them and use them. The new thing I will do is make sure that I pay the balance back in full each month.

I’ve been boning up on my news via the internet. So much is going on that it makes me wonder sometimes if I can return to the staleness of TV. lol. As me if I think that when we get cable. I haven’t watched TV in a long while save when I visit M’s sister & her husband. I don’t miss it so this whole writer’s strike is not affecting me so much. I just read at article on Yahoo about a crime that occurred in California. Apparently, a
trio of young black men (YBM) stormed a white family’s house at around 4am. They harassed the home owner for Marijuana and brained the poor man’s son with a baseball bat. Said son is currently in rehabilitation after suffering some serious brain damage. Well, in my mind, home owner justifiably shoots 2 intruders in the back as the 3rd one runs away. A rarely used law is then pulled out and 3rd intruder gets charged with murder of the other two. I the eyes of the law: “The Provocative Act doctrine does not require prosecutors to prove the accused intended to kill. Instead, “they have to show that it was reasonably foreseeable that the criminal enterprise could trigger a fatal response from the homeowner,” said Brian Getz, a San Francisco defense attorney unconnected to the case.” Therefore, my points are:

  1. Robbing a house is likely to trigger an extreme amount of rage in the person whom you are robbing.
  2. Robbery will likely get you staring down the barrel of shot gun or others in that vein.
  3. When in tarnation is it okay to break into someone’s home even if it’s just for marijuana? Check out what the 3rd intruder’s mom had to say: “Hughes’ mother, San Francisco schoolteacher Judy Hughes, said she believes the group didn’t intend to rob the family, just buy marijuana. She called the case against her son a “legal lynching.” I’m truly sorry she may possibly lose her son to the legal system, but excusing their crimes doesn’t make your position any endearing.
  4. When in hell is it okay to turn around and yell at the homeowner for trying to protect his family? Check this out: Some reverend (Amos Brown) “and other NAACP officials are asking why the homeowner is walking free.” All I can say is I hope karma turns around and bites these men in the behinds. I really would like to see how they react if they faced desperate triads who are looking for drugs & bashed one of their children’s heads in during the hold up. With his entrance, I introduce you to America’s next race baiter. Sheesh. “Tests showed Edmonds had marijuana and prescription medication in his system the night of the shooting. Edmonds had a prescription for both the pot and the medication to treat depression.” Presumably, the fact that they asked specifically for the drug means they had some wind of his condition i.e. someone at the pharmacy blabbed to the wrong people. This world really sucks sometimes. Please, read the article and think about it. The final tidbit for me was: “This man had no business killing these boys,” Brown said. “They were shot in the back. They had fled.” What do they say about leaving loose canons lying around?

I’ll end my rant with another bunch of excerpts from the article: “(home owner)Edmonds’ stepson, Dale Lafferty, suffered brain damage from the baseball bat beating he took during the melee. The 19-year-old lives in a rehabilitation center and can no longer feed himself […] I didn’t do anything wrong. All I did was defend my family and my children’s lives,” said Edmonds, 33. “I’m sad the kids are dead, I didn’t mean to kill them.” I hope the jury votes with their hearts and agree that the 3rd accomplice is culpable in their deaths. In a weird twist, here’s what I envision: jury will not find 3rd robber guilty, but will slam him with a longer sentence than if he would have been charged with the felony aggravated assault, etc.

Finally, I’m having issues connecting to the wireless network at home. The temperature may or may not be messed with. Utility bills may go high or low. But you do not mess with my internet connection. 😀 Okay, a little dramatic, but come on!! What else can go wrong? lol. I clearly haven’t read up on my Murphy’s laws. I suspect our wireless usb thingamajig may be the problem and that’s making me see red. More money down the drain. Oh well, we may just have to do that and I hope to avoid any Belkin routers. Flimsy pieces of crapola. 🙂 Oh, and you suck too, Bear Naked granola. What’s with selling granola that is not crunchy?! Okay, I’m clearly tired and ready to leave work. Take care, y’all.

Weird marital issues

Okay, so I think I probably should have not gotten exempted from my Oral communications class. 🙂 Matt & I had a blow-up earlier in the day and it all revolved around a word: car(t). Basically, I was at the World (our slang) and I was frazzled that (i) I had so much shit with me and no one volunteering to help with baggage (ii) a customer service person who was just scanning items & who seemed content with letting my shit pile all over the counter, etc. So, I buzzed Matt and told him to bring a second cart into the store. I figured I’d see him in less than a minute. When I didn’t, I told the “scanner” to pause while I ran out of the store to retrieve a different previously-requested cart. However, this cart was messed up because some customer couldn’t be bothered with cleaning up a mess of crushed strawberries that were all over the cart (slight exaggeration. Point is, I didn’t discover the crushed strawberries part till I was back in the store and ready to stash my goodies). So, I’m feeling slightly more frazzled than I should be. I pay for the stuff and get out of the store. And ready to war with M as to why he didn’t respond to my S.O.S. By my admission and his earnest remonstrations, I was wrong for blowing the issue out of proportion. I said “cart,” but he heard “car” so he drove around looking for me. Needless to say, he couldn’t have found me because I was inside and not outside the store. Knowing when to eat humble pie is a pre-requisite for marriage and I did it very willingly this time. Being the sweet man that he is, he didn’t rub it in too much and even apologized for rising to the bait of my spiked words. It’s truly weird how little stuff can bug the beejeezus out of me sometimes.

I got to talk with my parents and two of my brothers today (Donald and ben). Man, just hearing their voices, at the right time(s), makes me want to just Go Home. Of course, I have a figurative home here and now with my husband. However, I know that my real home is in Nigeria. As my mil let me know, her casa is also my casa and I do cherish her warmth & sincerity. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more real in-laws. From a sister who point-blank-“edly” asked me & M the baby question (lol) to M’s sisters who are so fun to be around, life is looking up. Despite my kvetching about the living situation, I think with a more positive outlook, my health (mostly mind) will soar through the roof. Work is going although I had been plagued by a certain experiment not working.

Seriously, I repeated this experiment (which is a biological version of cutting and pasting things out on a DNA level) over 4 times now. The first two were theoretically my fault. However, I am doubting that I had ever slipped up because my main supervisor took over the reins and the darned thing didn’t work either!! Well, my supervisor is one who knows her stuff and takes pride in the quality of her work. So much so that she can definitively rule out issues of error on her part or her reagents. So, to make this long story short, I’d been feeling pretty bad that this “simple” experiment had failed to work. Being the kind of person she is, it’s safe to say I’ve heard my fair share of subtle nods as to questions of competency a la alluding to the fact that others other than me and maybe “less” experienced have had phenomenal success. I’m a “the buck stops with me” kinda person and sometimes, I just need to trust in myself that if I did all I was supposed to do, then the shit did not hit the fan while I was on duty. Ergo, I cannot take the blame. Anyway, she thinks she’s narrowed the problem down. I think I know what else I can do to ease my heartache/bruised ego: positive & negative controls. See, in science, for your work to be publishable, you need your work to be reproducible and free of doubt or questions of it being a fluke. For instance, if you are doing a digest of DNA (digest means you’re using enzymes to cut DNA strands in specific places), your “positive” control would mean you would set up a reaction where you would expect your DNA to be digested. For your samples, you can posit as to whether their DNA will be cut or not. Your “negative” control will be a reaction where you would not expect your DNA to be digested. In a nutshell, you would need to control for the variables in the experiment: DNA and your restriction enzymes doing the digestion. I know I’m doing a crappy job, but this is the best I can come up with. When I’m less lazy, I’ll put up links that explain what I’m trying to convey to you. Back to my original point, I will essentially be including positive and negative controls this time. And will be keeping my fingers crossed. That’s all for now and have a good weekend folks. PS: I love Athens, but on game days, people just lose good manners. Sheesh.


I just needed a title. I apologize for the infrequency of my posts. Work and life’s stressors have been on my case just a little bit more. Still, I’m standing tall. Or I’d like to think that. Things are a bit annoying with regards to my living situation. This summer, we got hit with astronomical cooling bills because there was a dog in the house that needed temperatures to be around 70°F. Well, we are about to have the same situation only in reverse. He (our landlord) wants the heater to be turned on constantly because of the furniture in the house. Edit: Matt estimates that P wants the house to be at 74°F now which is even warmer than it was during the summer!!! He gave Matt a (IMHO)  half-assed explanation for the heater to to be turned up. My god, we’re not even in the 50’s yet! As you can tell, I’m slightly furious because I am not looking to fritter money away on heating furniture. I’m away from the house for most of the day (working Mon-Fri and even sometimes, the weekends!). We are 4 members in the house, but Matt and I pay half combined. It is not in our interests to have the heater turned up especially when there is the cheaper option of purchasing a tiny heating element for your room! Hell, that’s what Matt and I have been doing already!!! If you don’t know to the answer to our dilemma, I’ll provide the one that Matt and I have been avidly interested in: moving to our very own apartment. Right now, all the advantages for renting a room cannot come close to what it will mean when we get our own apartment. Actually, I can’t even count any more merits for staying any longer. If not for Matt wanting the best living situation for us, I/we’d be outta there. I love our landlord and he’s a good person at heart.  However, this situation has struck me as a little more than inconsiderate. Here’s to a fruitful apartment search and an amicable resolution of this issue. It’s not as bad as it seems, but things bug me a bit more than they do Matt. 🙂

In other news, I’m loving my Palm Treo 750. I have spent as much money as I did buying the phone (the refurbished phone cost $99) on its accessories namely: a Spectec Wi-Fi card ($49.95 from Treocentral.com), a 2GB miniSD Kingston card ($28 from Buy.com), a bluetooth ear piece ($49.95 from Treocentral.com), a carrying case and 3 backup-styluses ($28 from iGoneMobile.com). With that, I’ll be done. Out of all my purchases, I love the Wi-Fi card the most. I have been able to surf the internet on my little bitty phone and essentially bypassing ATT’s network. It’s amazing the things you’ll learn on the internet. Thus far, I’ve installed Google Maps on my phone which is a much beloved phone component now. I can map my contact’s addresses, find out the closest pizza houses wherever I am along with their contact information with varied options as to what to do with this information, I could go on. Needless to say, my productivity may take a hit while I get an overdose of my phone. 🙂 With that, I’ll sign off till my next brain fart.