Feeling pretty cool

Okay, I had one of the best weekends yet. I got to do a lot of sleeping in with the hubby and that is no mean feat. 🙂 Three day weekends rock and I fear that my laziness may have cost me brownie points with the parents. Well, work starts tomorrow and with it, the sights & smells. Last Friday, I had the privilege of performing the interesting task of splitting embalmed dog heads along the longitudinal axis using the band saw. Everyone who works there is deathfully afraid of using that instrument, but being the laboratory coordinator, it’s part of my job to be unafraid of such tools. In a nutshell, I go where angels fear to tread. Thankfully, my supervisor stayed with me while I worked just in case I accidentally sawed something off and lost the ability to dial an emergency number. Tomorrow, I’ll be sawing through the rest of the heads (38 total) and wish  me luck!

In other news, M’s friend recently got a car and his old car would have been traded to the dealership, but it’s beginning to look like we might just get his old car instead. Of course, we’re paying for it and I don’t want to jinx the deal just yet. The car’s been pretty well cared for and I’m confident that we aren’t getting a lemon although the car has been to the mechanic’s quite a bit. Nevertheless, it’s a 4-door car and we’re both pretty psyched about it. Ordinarily, I’d like to work out a payment deal versus paying all that is due (price) upfront, but he needs the bulk of the money upfront so M’s dad is kindly loaning us some money to help with that. As for M’s current car (Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme), we just might hang on to it because I’m kind of attached to it seeing as there is a lot of history there. 🙂 We’ve slept in the car, fought in it, yelled in it, done terrible *cough* things *cough* in it, et cetera. lol.

In yet other news, someone’s birthday is coming up. That’s right: Matt’s!! He’s turning 29 and I’ve decided to go lowkey for his birthday. I’m definitely taking him out to eat and I’ll tell y’all the rest after it’s happened. With that, cheers and a belated happy Hallo’ween!

A genuine reflection (part 1)

I just had a brain wave, but totally forgot what I wanted to rave about. I’m currently at Wally World and in a reflective state. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking with the help of MR who has been a blessing. I confided in her and she gave me the idea for a way to exorcise demons (figuratively speaking) out of my life. Letting go of things has never been harder, but I’ve never felt better from doing it. Starting from today, I’m letting go of the “shoulds” and working with the present day. Life is too goddamned short and precious for bullshit, you know? I’m an auntie now (niece from my sister and nephew from my other sister-from-another-mother) and that has given me cause for some serious reflection. For all I know, it could be me next although that is not in the works right now. lol. Sorry, moms (both of you. lol). When the time is right, I will talk about an issue that has been a seldom-talked about problem, but happens to have played a big part in things. Sorry for speaking in riddles or cryptically, but all shall be made clear in good time. Anyway, the point of this post was to reflect on my life and the blessings that have come my way. I feel very reconnected to my family and I cannot express how this makes me feel. All the “loneliness” of the past years has just melted away and it’s very humbling to be a part of a beloved family unit. Things have never been better with MA and RE as far as communications go and whether I like to admit it or not, I’m truly grateful for the state of relations between us right now. I’m learning how to be a more effective partner with M who is more like me than I care to admit. lol. We both tend to talk in riddles at times and of course, signals get crossed and misinterpreted. Our saving grace has been the fact that we both don’t like to sleep on an angry mind and more often than not, we talk things out till we are blue in the face(s). I just want to thank M for speaking his mind and the truth even when it earned him my anger at times. In the particular case I’m writing about, it was a solid case of the truth hurting and me wanting to ‘lash’ out at the source of my hurt. In the end, what he said ended up being a blessing in disguise because it galvanized both of us into action and we Got Things Done! There is no better feeling than that of accomplishment and that, my friends, is what I’m celebrating today. Accomplishment in the little things of life. Not getting a degree or earning a six figure salary. For now, I am happy with celebrating the simple act of forgiveness, humility and continual education from all areas of life.


The little things in life

For a week, I experienced an epiphany of sorts. I was happier than I had ever been and I felt freer than I’d ever been. Slowly, the harsher realities of life crept in and I slunk back (some) into the shell I’d once been in. Well, I feel the funk lifting off me today. It helps that I ‘discovered’ SH, a friend of M’s blog which is as funny as I imagined it to be  because he is one of the most down-to-earth persons I have had the good fortune of meeting. His positive attitude strikes several chords in me and I’m going to co-opt one of his trademark phrases pretty soon. Yes, life sucks, but then you paste a big smile on your face and keep it moving. You remember the good things that have also happened to you and you essentially count your blessings.

The job search is going slowly, but surely. I’d gotten a couple of applications sent in so hopefully I will receive some responses soon. I’ve got an interview scheduled during this week so I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be more of a supervisory type position, but in a science department so I’m game for it. I am looking forward to the next adventure. I’m nearing (sic) the end of my job and it was a good gig while it lasted. I think know M & I will do fine and I am optimistic that I’ll get a job in my desired field. If not, I’ll make adjustments and adapt. Who knows where adapting will lead me to. M & I are planning on getting a used roof rack from SH so that the task of loading up our bikes when we need to head out will be less painful than it is right now. I still lack the proper biking attire so I’m actively saving in order to purchase, at the very least, bike shorts which will contain the blessed padding. My poor bum has toughened up from the rides, but I still need the padding because I’m getting to the point where I can withstand longer rides i.e. 1 – 2 hrs on my single speed bicycle on moderately easy trails. My nutrition needs a little tweaking, but I’ve got a great coach in M. I’ve taken to biking like a fish takes to water and my muscles are absolutely loving this sport. My quads have never looked sexier, if I may say so meself. 🙂 Now, I just need a whole horde of protective gear to save me from myself and these darned pedals I current have.

My to-be-updated biking essentials list:

i) biking shoes
(ii) biking shorts
(iii) knee pads (which I may not need if when I transition to clip-less pedals.

I’m looking forward to the summer because this will be one of the first truly ‘free’ summers I’ve had without the stress of school or a job (if I don’t have one yet and interestingly, I’m not too bothered. Yet). My sis and sister-in-law are mother-to-be and mother respectively. I’ve got a family that constantly calls me to check on my wellbeing and my husband who calls just as frequently. lol. I’ll leave you with a subtly edited picture of M & little B.

MMA goodness!

If you know M & I, you’ll know that mixed martial arts are just some of our interests. M’s managed to get me interested in the sport too so we’ve gone out to some bars together just to watch the pay-per-view fight cards (of course, we had to pay for this privilege by patronizing the restaurant). Tonight’s the free Ultimate Fighter finale featuring Amir Sadollah and CB Dollaway. My favorite to win is Amir because he can go the distance and his special weapon is his kicks which CB (from the looks of things) couldn’t counter. I am a bit worried that Amir’s flying kicks won’t be enough to give him wins once he moves to the big UFC league. I hope he does well because his sense of humor kept things lively. Tim Credeur was another fighter who deserves to be a UFC fighter because he’s got the same quirky sense of humor and just has a big heart.

I’m currently having a lazy day at home, doing what I’ve been doing for the past week or so: getting myself mentally ready for my next adventure. At times, I feel like pinching myself to make sure that I’m not dreaming. I’m talking about my husband. I swear that he has the biggest heart ever. My parents have commented that I’m taking this well and it’s largely thanks to M because he pulled my head out of the well of depression by telling me the facts i.e. losing a job is not the end of the world and that we would survive in the event I didn’t end up with anything for a few more months. After getting picked for an interview with the big fish, he was my biggest supporter and even experienced my anxiety. We’ve got that connection where we feed off our emotions. If I’m feeling down, M actually starts feeling physically ill and calls me to see if I’m okay. This has happened too many times to be accidental. Honest. 🙂

Anyhoo, because of the impending or possible loss of my steady paycheck for ~ a month (by God’s grace, I’ll have a smooth transition), I’ve gone into savings and debt reduction overdrive. Right now, I’m having M pay the rent money while my biweekly paycheck goes towards our joint ING Direct account (instead of having his separate ING Direct account, I decided to just add him on so what’s mine is his and vice versa), the SunTrust balance, my cell phone bill and our utility bills (internet and power). I think opening that savings account was the smartest account. If I keep up my savings pace, I will be on track to save close to $5,000 for our emergency fund. Again for a brief recap, the emergency fund is intended for emergencies and I hope we won’t have to tap into it just yet. Once the emergency fund is funded to whatever limits we have decided, then any specific needs or trips will need to be saved for, starting from scratch. In light of the increasing gas prices and general sticker shock, I’m mulling the idea of keeping a spreadsheet of my Walmart purchases and their prices at the time of purchase. After a predetermined amount of time, I’ll calculate the percentage by which the original price increased by. It should be interesting information to have.

Health-wise, my heartburn/acid reflux has flared up again so I’ve resumed taking my medication for it. It seems to do a good job as I’m already experiencing relief from it. It’s prescription only so it’s pretty powerful. That’s all for now.

The bedfellow called Marriage

The feeling of being married is still slightly alien, in a very good way. 🙂 It’s been over a year and everyone I tell says the first year is the hardest. However, everyone goes ahead to say it’s year 2 that’s harder, or year 5 or … you get the picture. However, I will say something I’m sure you knew: your marriage will be in troubled waters if you:

  1. Always want to get the last word,
  2. Always want to win the argument,
  3. And always want to have it your way.

As we continue on this journey, I’m learning that often times, when I hear out the partner or even agree to do it their way, the partner becomes more amenable to suggestions and *gasp* you still might end up having it your way! 🙂 I know it’s cheating, but the idea behind this is showing respect and that you understand what it means to have delayed gratification. Obviously, I’m working on moving away from instant gratification to delayed gratification to it-may-happen-or-it-may-not-happen-but-I-will-live. 🙂

I’m over at the lab, but I’ll be leaving soon. Take care and have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!!