Loving Tu Face and music

Today’s a brand new day and I’m excited. I don’t know why. I woke up and I was just happy. That’s awesome and I’m going to carpe diem today. πŸ™‚ Right now, I’ve cranked up the volume and bass levels on my Creative I-Trigue and I’m playing one of my favorite artists (Tu Face). God, I love his latest CD (Grass 2 Grace). Thank you, Donald. That was genius of you. It sounds awesome on the computer especially with the bass turned on. I’ll put up one of my favorites (One Love) for your listening pleasure. If you want to listen to a sample of his entire album, check out this site. Don’t forget to check out his MySpace page. I had an interview (round 2) at a prospective job. It lasted even longer than the first interview I had there primarily because they had me talk to two other lab members. I think I got along very well and actually, one of the members had a spouse working in a different lab where I had interviewed way back in May. Then, I really didn’t expect to get the job because I was just beginning proceedings to legalize myself. So, we had a bunch to talk about. I will find out about the job this week or maybe the next. I don’t know. The pay’s just a nudge about what I got at Emory, but we should be able to put more away because our cost of living is low.

The movie, Knocked Up, had a few nuggets.

Okay, Knocked Up is rated R and by God, rightfully and sinfully so. πŸ™‚ It hits the right notes to attract males and just enough to keep the females happy. By box office accounts, this movie has done well. This movie struck me as having an anti-abortion stance and not justifiably so. The basic premise of the movie is this: girl gets effing drunk, and has a one night stand with a man. Said man is epitome of stoner nation in America i.e. jobless with crazy-as-hell friends who are just as uncouth as he is. Eight weeks later, she ends up with a bundle of joy. What to do? First of all, Alison (girl who gets preggers) lives with her sister (plus husband and kids) in an apparently spacious mansion. This means she has a warm and supportive place to stay with her pregnancy. Her mom counsels her to consider things carefully, but the movie writers expose their anti-abortion bent with a sentence they make Alison’s mom utter, “… when you get married, you’ll have a real baby.” What was up with the ‘real baby’ line? The mother-to-be is not in denial of the fact that her fetus will morph into a ‘real’ baby soon. In fact, it will make no difference to the mother-to-be, IMHO. We, the viewers, can see that the arguments to terminate the pregnancy are just as strong for the arguments to keep the baby i.e. she’s got a good job, good place to stay and a good environment overall. Contrast that with the real life situations that unprepared mothers find themselves in: shitty job, shitty environs, and the list goes on. The good thing is that some unprepared mothers will look beyond that and still keep the baby. The point is that there’s not that big solution (i.e. the instinctive keep-the-baby chant) to this problem. Anyhow, back to the movie, some lines struck a few chords within me such as the need that women feel to want to change their partners for better or worse, living and letting your partner live, resolving conflicts, etc. I could definitely learn a thing or two from this movie, believe it or not. Heck, I probably learned what NOT to do in a relationship. The biggest issue was the lack of communication between both couples. Or I should say, inability to communicate without deterioration into a shout-fest. It largely puts a lot of the blame for relationship woes on women and maybe it does that unknowingly, having fallen into the easy (and funny) way out of things. I do wish they had developed the plot between Alison’s sister and her husband so that we could see how they managed to salvage their marriage. I was a bit disturbed by Alison’s proclamation that her sister & her sister’s husband were miserably unhappy with each other. Oh well, I guess there’s always sequels. Read this review at Slate for more on what was wrong with this movie, but it’s still a must-see movie anyway. It says very articulately, what I feel about this movie. I saw this movie for the princely sum of $2.00 (no tax added) with Matt who took something away from it too. He’s disdainful of modern day movies and their penchant for silliness. πŸ™‚ I dragged him screaming and kicking to see this guy flick even though Daniel, his friend, was the one who suggested that we go see it. In other news, I’ve received semi-official confirmation from the powers-that-be (via email so it still doesn’t feel very official). In other words, say hello to your friendly neighborhood CPR. πŸ˜€

Things on my mind

After trying several free off-line feed readers, I settled on FeedDemon and paid for the service. Since then, it’s been indispensable to me because I keep in touch with odd technologies and have my pulse on the news media. Especially, since I don’t have a cable subscription, I need to get my news fix somewhere. πŸ™‚ Needless to say, having my finger on certain blogs can be irritating especially on the eve of a certain company’s launch of a product *hint*iPhone. It was all I could do to keep from screaming. How someone can spend that much on a phone is beyond me. I’d rather invest in buying a DSLR camera than waste that much money on a device that a glorified iPod. That’s the price as a darned Laptop these days! It galls me to no end especially when I see people use it as a status symbol. The sad part is that those people will never even use the iPhone’s full capabilities. It’s a damn shame, but their damned prerogative.

In other news, I’ve just finished reading 2 books by Erich Segal titled “Doctors” and “Acts of Faith“. They were both incredibly moving and I love his style of story telling. I’m currently a 3rd titled “Prizes” and it sounds very promising. Paul has a library of really good books and I’m just scraping the surface. Once I’m done with the library, I’ll scour his library of DVDs next. πŸ™‚ Another thing that has been on my mind pertains to etiquette after an interview and especially after a request for one’s references & particulars has been made. This happened for me over a week ago and I haven’t heard anything back. My initial instincts are that I didn’t get the job which would suck. However, I’m sorely tempted to just make an inquiry to confirm that the death knell has been sounded. I hate no knowing and I’m apparently on the verge of being plunged into not-knowing-ness. Ahh, c’est la vie.

What’s the deal with Podpress?

Okay, for over a week, the Podpress plugin author’s site has been down. I’ve just read on the WordPress.org site that they didn’t have enough money to keep the site running. Really? His plugin was very popular and I can imagine that must have tasked his webhosting providers. However, I think something else is at play here. Still, I have been able to pick up the pieces of my blog w/out podpress. I have relied on the 1pixelout plugin to play my mp3 files. Now, if only I can get WordPress to delete the extra user that Podpress added without my request. Grrh. I had thought Owen Winkler’s Role Manager plugin would help me do the trick of deleting the “Premium Subscriber” role, but it doesn’t work with WordPress 2.2. series. Enter another Role Manager plugin by Thomas. And Voila! It did the trick. πŸ™‚ Now, all I have left to do is find a way to remove the meta cruft that Podpress left behind. It’s one of the messier plugins that doesn’t do a clean uninstall. This behaviour by the plugin gives me cause for pause as to the true cause of the site’s downtime. Almost like wanting the WordPress community to pony up money before further development can occur. πŸ™‚ Now, I’m just being gossipy here. In any case, I won’t be installing this plugin anymore.

In other news, Matt’s been wanting me to read a book by Eckhart Tolle titled “A New Earth: Awakening to your life’s purpose.” For whatever reasons, I’ve avoided reading the book, but I promised him I’d start today so wish me luck. πŸ™‚ I’m more of a fiction buff, but we’ll see how I do.

Watching the number 23 and plugins galore!

Ok, scratch Tallulah Gorge. Events conspired to prevent us from making it. Nevertheless, we visited one of our favorite spots (by Lake Lanier) and Matt got a good swimming workout while I read by the lake. πŸ™‚ It would be considered in the realm of TMI (too much information) if I went into the reasons I wasn’t able to get into the lake. Anyway, it was fun and we took some neat pictures with Matt’s dad’s camera. He has a nifty Sony Cybershot DSC-P72 camera and while the user interface is not very friendly (IMHO), the pictures are way better than what my old Kodak Easyshare CX7300 would have come out with. I’m inserting some pictures of us and Lake Lanier. Enjoy!

In other news, Matt and I watched a new movie (The Number, 23) that came out featuring Jim Carrey. Now, I’ve trusted Jim Carrey with my comedies and the like. I was a bit leery of him in a serious role like this although I’d heard good things about him in that movie with a really long name (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind). I have to say that this movie was not worth my time. I felt like getting my money back from Hollywood Video. The writers of this sub-optimal plot would have you believe there is some hokey significance in the number, 23, with the silly way they thought up coincidences to this number. Am I the only one who thought it was a bit of overkill to start with the 23-significance-overload right as the movie was starting?? Continue reading Watching the number 23 and plugins galore!

Putting authors on blast

Matt and I just spent a night at his mom’s. I love going there because there are lots of books for me to read. She (Margie) and her daughter (Maggie) are into reading books just like Matt and I. It was just funny how we were all in the same room with our noses in different books. I just got done reading a book by James Patterson titled “The Quickie” This was the same book I saw at Barnes & Nobles and passed over with good reason (in hindsight). Normally, I love reading books by James Patterson because he writes fast-paced action books. Hell, one of his books made it into a famous Hollywood Blockbuster (Along came a spider). In this book, he seriously disappointed me. I thought it would get better with each chapter, but I only got more disgusted. Here’s the scenario: a female cop spots her husband with a PYT (pretty young thing). She assumes the worst and decides that tit-for-tat is better instead of direct confrontation. She picks a fellow cop to do the honors of dishonoring her marriage bed and becomes witness to said cop’s brutal death … [spoiler alert] Continue reading Putting authors on blast

Shaken by the Storm of the Century

I just got done watching a movie adaptation of a book penned by Steven King. If you are Stephen King buff, chills are probably making their way down your spine. The name of this movie is “Storm of the Century” and it made me alternately sad and pissed. I’ll try to express my thoughts on the movie without thoroughly spoiling the movie. For me, this movie was about Christianity and what it means to be a true christian. I’ll emphasize the ‘true’ part because things somehow fly out of the window when you are facing a test of fire. Which is what the people of Little Tall Island were facing. As you can probably guess, the folk of Little Tall Island were effectively cut off from civilization by a freak storm that had the energy to even destroy their lighthouse. The movie begins with a scene where a wizened old lady answers her doorbell to face her death at the hand on a man called Andre Linoge. He is eventually apprehended by the local constable but he leaves a message that serves as his mantra throughout the movie: “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.” *breathe*

He kills Island folk and each time, leaves his calling sign “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.” Each time, a death is discovered, a little piece of the puzzle falls into place about discovering what kind of a being Mr. Linoge is. After at least 4 deaths, he eventually tells them what he wants. It’s an unconscionable request and one that made me see red. The saddest part of the movie was that the townsfolk were willing to go ahead because they were frightened. They claimed that they didn’t have any choice, but in fact, there were two other choices that we, as humans, are unwilling to face i.e. death for principle. I would have cried if I wasn’t so angry at myself and the human race for being so weak. Okay, I’ll go ahead and say what he wanted. He wanted one of the townsfolk 8 children to raise as his own i.e. teach his devilish tricks. No pun intended. The town constable sees Mr. Linoge for what he is i.e. a lying murderer who is not of this world. However, he tries in vain to convince the townsfolk that they shouldn’t give up a children to this beast. Nevertheless, you can guess what they did: save their lives and gave up one child. And guess whose child got picked? Isn’t fate a bitch sometimes? Continue reading Shaken by the Storm of the Century