Another sick example of the left wing media establishment attacking a brilliant independent thinker happens yet again.  The liberals want you to believe that they are the open minded representatives of peace and a voice for the intellectual progressive youth.  That they are the defenders of truth, freedom, freedom of speech, the children, and the environment.  But it is these same “open minded” liberals who attack talk show host Michael Savage when he exposes corruption in the medical industry, the government school institutions, and the media.  Why?  This could be a perfect example of what you call irony.  I consider that an understatement.  But they will call it “hate” speech.  You be the judge.

Since when did these delusional “progressives” care so much about preserving the ethical values that are essentially derived from nature?  This would require a respect for the freedom to operate within the limitations of a natural law and perhaps a belief in something that is for many “progressives” incomprehensible, simple minded, or foolish. A belief in a system of natural laws that stem from one essence.  Dare I say?

With a little innate knowledge of this system, and an elementary degree of understanding of a cause and effect sequence,  One is equipped with common sense.  He certainly need not be religious or spiritual in order to exercise common sense, but it is those who arrive at a greater understanding of the spiritual laws that are equipped with the tools necessary to more accurately see things as they are.  Not the spiritual derelicts that dwell in the mundane.

What we have here are those interested in restricting the voices and views that are contrary to their own. Especially views of those dedicated to the protection and preservation of this freedom.  Don’t let these vultures fool you!   They take Savage’s words, which are out of sincere concern and brilliant observation, totally out of context, to make you think that he is ridiculing autistic children.  Lies, Lies, Lies!!!   As Savage says, how in the hell can Howard Stern, with total impunity, make a living out of showcasing, belittling, and ridiculing those who are misfortunate and handicapped?  While he(Savage), a voice for many conscience driven free thinkers around the country, is attacked and vilified with the worst intentions in mind?  There can only be one logical explanation.  Howard Stern shares the same political views.  He is a part of the left wing entertainment media establishment and voice for the degenerate American.  The desecration of truth has come to fruition, while it awaits a new morality, a new leader will rise…  God Forbid!

My take on Knocked Up

I wouldn’t normally take the time to write a review about a movie I disliked, but as I was reading Jane’s review, and voicing my opinion she simply suggested that I should write a review in rebuttal of the points she made. Well for starters, I don’t think that what she said was off base per se, but I will just add a few points about what she didn’t say about the movie and it’s main characters.

In summary, Alison and her older sister could easily be seen as superficial and over identified with the material world. A very unattractive quality to those interested in living for a deeper purpose. As a an avid fan of horror movies, psychological thrillers, and many films that are a down right nasty expression of human nature, I am not one to be offended by a film’s portrayal of human nature, shock factor, and the like. It does make me uninterested however, when the protagonist’s shallowness is portrayed as “normal.” In fact, it probably is “normal” by todays standards to frequent night clubs as a mature adult and get your news from Entertainment Tonight in the evenings after a hard days 9-5 it . After all club hopping is something any “normal” healthy, successful young adult should enjoy, right? And in Alison’s sisters case, a 40 + year old married woman. Yes, I know, to a certain degree the females’ materialistic attitudes and shallow behavior was intentional but I began to lose my moral compass in the film as the only relatively redeemable characters, primarily the sisters husband, and secondly, the stoned loser did nothing to dissuade the insanity.