Review season

My employer does something very unusual. Instead of waiting till the end of the year to deliver a final review, we have mid year reviews.

At first, I felt weirded out by this and even more weirded out by our practice of having peer reviews! I was filled with anxiety around what people would think of me and of going through a judgement cycle.

I have now gone through this process about 3 times now and I can confidently say that my fears about it being a judgement cycle were unfounded. Rather than fear the thoughts of my peers, I found that I’ve become excited and keen to learn what people think about me! Not just the good parts but the parts that I could use some growing on too. Furthermore, I look at mid year reviews as an opportunity to take a bit of break and truly reflect on exactly what your hustle and bustle achieved.

Engaging in this review process requires brutal honesty with oneself and a willingness to hear the good and the bad. I’m a constant work in progress but I continue to be thrilled with my progress in the arena of confronting my fears. 🤗