So I’ve started therapy (again). Several years overdue and this time, I’m paying attention.

The quarantine, passing of my father, earthquakes, and work-related stressors all came together to form a perfect storm of triggers that first sent me to dark places I haven’t been since my ill-fated stint at graduate school. I was able to realize that I was drowning and desperately needed help. So, I asked for help. I now have meds to coax my brain to behave and therapy for cultivating the necessary behavioral changes.

To say these two things have been life saving is an understatement. I feel alive again for the first time in a long while and excited about things again. I no longer self-censor as aggressively as I used to and my husband has his vivacious lover back!

Not all the credit belongs to external forces. M has been a big motivating factor and has been my biggest cheerleader through the worst of it. I feel like I have a renewed enthusiasm for life, living, and I can’t believe it. I spent way too long in the grays and I now feel I can see in Technicolor. 🤗

Anyway, now I’m rambling. I wanted to brag about something else these changes have wrought: my renewed interest in being outdoors. Since the month of May, I’ve walked or hiked over 90 miles and it’s just barely half over! The best part is I’m putting up these numbers in a completely sustainable way!! Being outdoors also means more pictures so expect some photo posts shortly.