In My Feelings

Food expenditures are being tracked and it’s so easy to see how we’ve been blowing our hard earned funds without “realizing” it. With less than 5 days into January, we’ve already over $100 spent in food! Doing the math, it has made me more resolved to make a go of eating at home a *lot* more. Food prep is the biggest hurdle that gets in the way of preparing meals so that’s an angle that we’re approaching the problem for: prepping food items even when they’re not immediately used.

#secretthing is not so secret anymore. I feel a mix of relief and sadness; once enough time passes, I may write about it. Wicked Game (by Chris Isaak, covered by Annaca) has grabbed hold of me anew and part of me feels this song applies to the ongoings. If it’s not clear, I’ve been in my feelings lately but it’s not a bad thing! 😉 Here’s to writing new chapters!