Self Sufficient


I’ve been ‘on my own’ for so long that at times, I don’t immediately grasp when someone is genuinely trying to help nor do I freely ask for help when I should. I do this with my husband and others in my orbit. I caught myself doing this with hubby fairly recently and he is my best friend! *face palm* his love language is doing things for me and I hurt him inadvertently when I engage in my ‘protective’ behaviors. I recognize why I developed this but it’s time to lower the curtain just a little bit.


I finally started listening to some podcasts on software development and I’m kicking myself on not beginning earlier. I don’t have any favorites yet but it’s extremely useful to hear experienced developers talk about things that I can relate to as a working professional.


My healing is going better than expected. In the downtime, I’m enjoying the slower pace of life and introspecting on how I can handle certain things at work in a healthier fashion.


My nails are growing rapidly and are quite strong to boot! I’m starting to like them without polish on. 😛