Synonyms for growth: development, maturation, growing, germination, sprouting.

M & I have been together for over a decade which is awesome. πŸ˜› For much of that, we were nowhere near ready to even *think* of bringing little ones into our chaos. I mean, I sort of knew I’d want them but in a very ‘hand-wavy’ some day way. Lately, I’ve been surer than ever that I do in fact want a little person. πŸ™‚ No, I’m not in the ‘family way’ but for the first time in a long while, I have a definitive answer to the kid question. Now it’s a case of when and planning for that happy day (sometime before my fortieth birthday. :))

I’ve disconnected from various time sucks (Facebook, Instagram are the two biggest ones) for a few years now but I’m still hanging on to Twitter and Reddit. Unsurprisingly, my usage of the remaining outlets has increased. Twitter lately has started feeling like FB did (FOMO intensifying, etc) and I’m actively trying to cut back on my use of this service. I do think that I need to become disciplined but until I do, my strategy of “reduce and remove” will have to do.

The one area I feel stagnation in has been my development chops. Sure, I’m objectively writing better code but I don’t feel I could architect a scalable application from scratch. Lately, one thing that has helped to help combat these feelings of inadequacy is cleaning up my older applications to use things I learn on the job. It’s slow going but it helps me feel like I’m making some progress.

Overall, feeling a bit blue today, a general malaise. Tomorrow will be better.