One of the perks at my job is a yoga class twice monthly and I love our yoga teacher for her insistence on good practices. At the start of every session, we set our intentions for the class. I particularly love this component because it allows me to feel connected to myself and how I’m feeling (a check-in of sorts). After this, the torture workout begins. 🙂

Anyway this week’s theme has been gratitude. Here are some things I’m grateful for:

  1. Gratitude that I’ve made huge strides in my personal health journey (some day, I’ll write about this but I’m too chicken to pen this under my real name).
  2. Gratitude that I work with people that I enjoy being around and gratitude that they share the same sentiment!
  3. Gratitude that I’ll be done with my student loans in less than a month! Freeing up that cash-flow feels wonderful. Thanks to a combination of bonuses and savings, I paid down almost $40,000 in less than 3.5 years. Yeah, I get to toot my horn a little bit here. 🙂 Next up, killing the car debt (own a hair over $6, 000 on this asset).
  4. Gratitude that I have pretty good health insurance to handle some upcoming events in this calendar year.
  5. Gratitude that I have the support of M, his family, and of course my family

In short, my heart is full!