Fingernail fun!

Sometime in the last half of 2017, I stopped biting my nails. Today marks the longest streak of not-biting-my-nails. This is huge for me because I’ve had several ill-fated attempts at nail biting and all it would take for me to backslide was a handful of stressful events. The following is my attempt to process how I think I was able to stop this nasty habit.

Last year, I experienced several epiphanies regarding my motivations and stressors. Specifically, I identified that I resorted to nail biting as a coping mechanism. This isn’t exactly new ground but sometimes one has to ‘rediscover’ things in order to make sense of them. I’ve now developed a keener awareness of myself in those moments and am managing to sit with uncomfortable feelings until the urge passes.

Now I’ve got beautiful nails and I’m so excited at the coloring possibilities! 🙂