I’ve been reading of various personal finance bloggers this year and I’m re-inspired to take things to greater heights this year! Reading out others achieving 50% – 70% savings rates has me realizing that I can do a lot better this year. Last year, my savings rate last year was about 45% (this includes pre-tax retirement contributions). I think I can do better this year and I am hoping #secretthing will help me in that journey!

After identifying food as our biggest spend (next to rent), we’ve fully committed to cooking over ordering in. So far, we’ve made it 6 days! This has been surprisingly harder than I thought but what keeps me grounded is the thought that failing to stick to our budget means we’re robbing our future selves!

I spent a little more on clothing for myself in 2018 and I’d like rein that back in this year starting with this month! I will not be spending new money on clothes in January.

Wish me luck!