Trying something new

After sporting a close crop for years, I’m curious to see what my hair does if I just … stopped cutting it. The answer is still TBD but this means that I’ve had to start looking actively for products to help assist me with managing my kinky hair.  Thanks to Twitter, I’ve learned about Kyra’s Shea Medleys and I am currently experimenting with their Original Butter cream.

It’s got a rather strong vanilla scent and is dangerously reminiscent of a dessert. 😀 The best part about it (for me) is that I can use it for *both* hair and body! So far, I’m about 2 months into my no-haircuts experiment and my hair length is about an inch and half in length. The hardest thing right now is combing it out but I’ve discovered regularly spritzing my hair with water before adding product helps a ton. Here’s to trying new things!