Who’s there?

Working on a team is a trust building exercise and I am learning to rely on each person to play their part to the best of their ability. I’ve made some missteps along the way but overall, I’m happy and proud of the work my team puts out. πŸ™‚

E is no longer with us; we were devastated and miss her every day. πŸ™ Her passing brought M & I even closer and perhaps soon, we will be ready. M is taking on more responsibilities, kicking ass ‘n taking names! We’ll be celebrating a milestone date shortly and I don’t think I could have picked a better partner.

I’m still my slightly workaholic self. I have a SMART goal this year to address this and I’m still enjoying my current employer. It feels great to do good work and have that be rewarded where it matters – respect and finances. I’m still behind in terms of retirement savings but moving here has allowed me to play catch up quite significantly.

Overall, good things afoot. πŸ™‚