Just breathe

I’m moving out West for a new job opportunity and as you can imagine, I am excited and nervous. It’s a tremendous opportunity to work with newer tools and live in a part of the country that my husband & I are thrilled to be moving to. 🙂

Very exciting times in our lives and yet, I caught myself today feeling a bit … off. The reason was something many of us do: comparing our current station in life with others and mentally berating ourselves for not being there. Then, I shook myself and realized that while I may not be *there* yet, life has been pretty good to me this year.

This position and the type of company (startup) it is lends very well to being a stepping stone to further dreams of someday living in tech nirvana i.e. California! I said no to working in CA for a bunch of reasons that made sense at the time (high COL which I felt would eat significantly enough into whatever salary to the point of making a lower salary in a different state very comparable).

With this new position, I was able to negotiate a compensation package which left me feeling very empowered.  Pro tip: it’s *always* okay to negotiate. Even when the company says they don’t negotatiate. The key is *how* you approach that topic. I’ll no longer be a remote employee which I will miss but I welcome the new-to-me challenge of working full-time with other developers.  Despite feeling good about this, I still fight the nagging feeling that I likely left “money” on the table but I’m confident that I will prove my worth and be rewarded appropriately. 🙂

I’m healthy, M is healthy, E is healthy. M is picking up a crapton of skills and rapidly becoming the go-to guy for QA and technical documentation at his place of work in addition to him becoming a remote worker. So, all in all, life is pretty good this year.

Not sure what the point to this post was. I just wanted to count my blessings out loud in this post. Life’s good and I look forward to starting a new adventure. 🙂

I have said good byes to some pretty cool people, sending some notes to others, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to say good bye to some. Here’s to making more memories and becoming a better human in the process.