Knock, Knock

It is I, the prodigal daughter of this blog (if it were a parent). 😛

Where to begin? Well, can I just express how WONDERFUL it feels to no longer have classes anymore? My time is actually my own to fritter away as I please! Of course, as a developer, I can’t actually sit on my thumbs all the time if I expect to progress. So many awesome going on in nerd land and it’s a great time to be a developer.

On a lot of fronts, I’m doing well. Since becoming a full-time employee at Humana (oh wait, we’re getting acquired by Aetna), my financial goals have been:

  1. Pay myself first. This means after receiving a paycheck, I shunt some percentage of that check into a variety of sub account (emergency fund, savings fund, travel fund, etc). I’m doing pretty well on this front and consistency of making that deduction with every paycheck has been key to changing my mindset.
  2. Pay my future self. This means contributing a healthy portion of my pre-tax check to my 401k and contributing to my other investment accounts. I’m currently sending 10% of my pre-tax paycheck to my 401k account and taking advantage of my company’s match. I also opened an account with Vanguard just to keep my portfolio diverse.
  3. Reduce credit card usage. At one point this year, we were down to 0 dollars but somehow we’ve crept back up. We’re still way under 30% of the credit for this particular card and that’s the only card we have a balance on. So, it’s not the end of the world but I hate paying “stupid tax” and credit card interest falls into that category

On the health side of things:

  1. Yours truly ran 2 5ks! My first ever 5k was the Color Run in a different state but these past 5ks were back in Athens. The Twilight 5k was a wet mess and I felt like I was dying but I made it in under 30 minutes. My next 5k shaved over 2 minutes off that time.
  2. I’ve actually gained a bit of weight (5ft2inches and 125lbs at the moment) but thanks to my daily walks and regular gym routine, it’s likely muscle and I look athletic & healthy.
  3. Healthy eating is becoming easier to do although this has come at the expense of my Food & Dining costs going up a little bit. I will have to become more creative in how I feed myself.

I know, such a boring update but I finally feel like I am ready to blog again. No promises though. And happy July 4th! 🙂