Lessons in trust

So, living with 3 girls has its challenges. I don’t think I’ve been exposed to this much estrogen in a while. 🙂 I love my roommates and I think my summer couldn’t have turned out better. I can’t believe the summer is almost over.

I’ve learned a lot about myself; I need to continue to nurture/embrace my strengths while remembering my weak spots. In observing human encounters, I am continually reminded that while I need to remember to be ‘heard’, it is just as important to give breathing room to other(s) to be heard. As an aside, just as in marriage, I’m also learning that I don’t have to be “right” all the time. Sometimes, you lose the battle to win the war. Sometimes, posterity will prove you right; it doesn’t have to be you doing the proving. I almost wish I could get assessed by my teammates so that I know what to work on in my interpersonal interactions.

I can honestly say this summer has been a hugely rewarding experience. From pivoting to an even cooler project to our inside jokes to hanging out at 4th Street Live to other stuff (:P), I’ve gotta say: my intern team is composed of the coolest kids at the Galt. The big unanswered question on most of our minds now is: what next? According to the Intern Program coordinators, a good percentage of IT Interns get offers to work during the school year and we’ve been encouraged to spread our wings beyond the divisions we worked within during the summer. Our direct managers have assessed us and we will be compared against other interns. We won’t know our “standings” until later in the month so no pressure #yikes. As for me, I’ll continue to push through & finish strong.