Not quite back

I sort-of abandoned this blog when I got my blog at off the ground. In a way, I feel I may have painted myself into a pretty spot because I have this self-imposed pressure to churn out long-form and super useful content.

Without too much introspection, I think I already know what to do in order for me to get my tech-writing mojo back: use my non-tech writing outlet to decompress.

In a nutshell, I’ve been pretty much the ‘same’. I’ve got some sticks in the fire that I can’t use just yet but I’m convinced that they will be pretty awesome when done. One of those is a web app idea I have; it’s not a small feat but luckily I’m collaborating with my brother, Nick, who is a kickass programmer! 🙂 I already have the perfect domain name purchased and working on creating a blueprint. Wish me luck! Oh and I renewed my cellphone contract with AT&T and switched to Android. Best. Decision. In a long while! In fact, this post is being penned on the 4′ screen of my Motorola Atrix. Visit to understand why.

Here’s to imperfection and more Blog posts here.