Overcoming the odds and achieving success

So, something rather weird happened today. I won’t give the circumstances, but it is safe to say I felt threatened (Mom, Dad, do NOT worry. :D) I was attacked in a manner that was distinctly below the belt and I felt thoroughly insulted. The prudent thing was to hold my tongue which I did. However, I will not be forgetting this slight anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the incident lit the fire under my feet and galvanized me into acting on something I had placed on the back burner. I don’t even want to rehash the incident because it was that upsetting. I’ve spoken to my husband about it and vented to him. Case closed. I’m taking notes and learning as I go along this road called Life.

In other news, I’ve been a little blah on the photography front. However, this week, I applied for a gig as a fan photographer. I was invited to a group interview and I regret that I didn’t toot my horn more. However, I sent the lady in charge a follow-up email which she receives favourably (I hope). Basically, on game day, I’ll get to take pictures of Georgia fans and give them instructions on how to access those pictures in print for a fee. I hope I get picked because that’s right up my alley! I mean, if I were attending any of the games, I’d still take pictures. At least, if I take pictures for an organization, this way I get to be ‘legit’ and not have my subjects look at me cross-eyed whenever I say I’m a ‘freelance’ photographer. lol. In yet other news, I might be assisting a photographer friend of mine in shooting a wedding amongst other things!! Yes, you heard right. A. Wedding. I am floored that he is taking a chance on me and I hope I bring my A game to that wedding. I’m so excited about the possibilities and just grateful to God for opening my heart & eyes to different options and paths that I could take. As always, man proposes, but God disposes.

In yet yet other news (lol), Matt’s getting a root canal done! His tooth got infected and it finally started hurting. After much nagging prodding from yours truly, he went to the dentist to hear the bad news he already suspected. It’s an allegedly painful procedure that he’s scheduled for next week and he’ll pretty much be ingesting liquids for a time after he’s had the procedure. On my first EVER visit to the dentist, I got some tartar removed and got told that I had ‘nice teeth’. That was nice. πŸ™‚ So, wish him luck! He’s got his plate full between being at school full time, working over the weekends and car trouble, he is reaching his capacity for busy-ness. lol. Thankfully, he’s hanging tight and using the tricks he learned from his programming course in the summer. I’m so proud of my man! πŸ˜€

That’s all for now. Stay blessed! I hope to write more stuff in this personal journal. In the meantime, stay safe and stay informed over at my technology blog, Jane Talks Tech! Cheers