A budding idea

So, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I like taking pictures. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things that can get me out of the house and unglued from the computer when the mood strikes. During our vacation, my Fujifilm S700 was accidentally left on the roof of Matt’s car and got knocked the f*** out. So, there we were… at Sumter National Forest and I was close to a gorgeous waterfall (Whitewater Falls) with no camera. Painful, but the pain of hiking and the joy of traipsing through the woods soothed me. I cannot wait to get back out there and do proper justice to the majesty of Nature I beheld.

Going back to my original sentence, I like taking pictures and I’ve always been interested in the technical details of photography. In line with that, I purchased my first DSLR. This was an unplanned purchase, but it felt so right. Once I discussed my desire and possible foray into being paid to take pictures, my husband & I concluded that it would be a wise investment. Besides, used DSLRs have a decent resale price tag so I am sure that should the sad day arrive that I should sell my camera, I won’t get too shafted. I don’t plan on parting this item anytime soon unless something happens in the 30-day period during which I can return the camera & obtain a full refund. This is the 2nd biggest purchase I have ever made (after my laptop) and I don’t believe I’ll regret it. I’ve gone slightly crazy reading up on cool tricks to perform with the camera and reading about the technical aspects of taking/making pictures. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, but the best teacher is experience. So, wish me luck! Once the camera arrives, I’ll definitely be putting it through the paces and watching the 30-day deadline. I did not make this purchase lightly and I agonized over it. I did the research and came to the conclusion that the D90 was the way to go for me.

In other news, Matt & I rode hard tonight on our bikes. The parking lots and the fields were blessedly devoid of the usual hordes of undergraduates. The weather was perfect and we just bonded. I love those moments we have and I can’t wait to capture them on camera as well. 🙂 G’nite!