SSH tunneling and more

Figuring out SSH et al

Okay, so I talked about how I finally set up Firefox to tunnel my HTTP traffic through an SSH tunnel. However, Internet Explorer was a different story. It’s a different story because it touches back on the reasons Firefox is still my default brower i.e. plugins. With Internet Explorer, henceforth known as IE, I can’t toggle things on and off with the ease I do so with Firefox. Currently, the setup I have with Firefox is: I can fire up my SSH connection, but choose (thanks to the SwitchProxy plugin) if I want to connect through the SSH tunnel or not. With IE, I either have to use the SSH tunnel all the time or not at all because turning the tunnel on means always having to go into Internet Connections settings and making the changes manually. I finally just figured out how to set it up correctly in IE so I’m happy anyway. I just need to remember to turn it off once I get home or get back to a trusted wireless network because for reasons I don’t really understand, IE’s connection settings seem to be the default for programs like Windows Update, Outlook, etc to connect to the internet even though I’ve clearly selected Mozilla Firefox to be my default browser. I’m certain I have gotten some facts wrong so please feel free to correct me. I went a little crazy on Facebook today. lol. I posted 3 videos (1 of my niece, the 2nd one starring yours truly and the 3rd featured M!). He’s gets a little camera shy so go check the video out and see for yourself. With that, I’m signing out. Not. 🙂