Figuring out issues

For weeks now, I’d noticed that my TinyMCE writing toolbar had stopped appearing. I dreaded the worst: my site had been hacked into, etc. However, I hadn’t received any emails from my webhosts so I decided to have a look around inside my brain. That was when I remembered that I had bungled what would have been a simple upgrade from WordPress 2.3.1 to WordPress 2.3.2. I had uploaded an old version of WordPress that was lying around on my computer. At that time, I had caught the error. Foolishly, in retrospect, I didn’t delete the files. Rather, I just overwrote the files and I can guarantee you that that was the root cause of my problems. Well, how did I resolve this situation? I fired up my BackUpWordPress plugin which gives me the opportunity to backup up my database files and the actual WordPress files. After doing that, I put my site into Maintenance mode and deactivated all my plugins. This time, I deleted all files except my wp-content folder. Then, I downloaded a fresh copy of Wodpress 2.3.2 from WordPress and uploaded all the files again. I’m so glad things are alright in my blog-world once again. lol.

In other news, hubby and I had a good talk last night. Like any couple, married or otherwise, we have our little quirks, but we end up ironing them out pretty neatly. On the culinary front, it is safe to say that I’m surprising myself. We went shopping at the World (lol) yesterday and I got a bunch of good and yummy stuff!! Man!! I made some kick-ass rice with vegetables mix that I have not named yet. It’s fingerlicking good if I say so myself. I’ve gotta end this post. Ciao.