Movies that make you go “What?!!”

M rented a movie called “Shattered” and we just got around to watching on yesterday night. The basic premise (which later got turned upside down on its head) was probing how far parents would go in order to protect their kids in, say, a hostage situation. Needless to say, Hollywood likes to present the point of view (POV) that parents should do ANY thing. This movie calls that into question and presents several ethical dilemmas. One of the characters was unbelievably wimpy and I got so mad that I requested that we end our movie watching experience. M vetoed that idea or somehow we got to talking about it and kept watching (he’s tricky, that one). I think I liked this movie. I’m still trying to process and figure out why I had such a reaction to it. Oh well…

In personal news, I just found out that my sister’s traditional wedding date is set. I’m sad to miss it and I am not too optimistic about being able to make it to the “church” wedding either! I know, I know. I hope we either get a bigger tax refund windfall or I penny pinch my heart out because it will involve considerable expense to go home. There are several things I wish I knew while I was in college. Without further ado, I wish I:

1) Knew to save my damn money from my summer internships that netted me over $7000 tax free!! Then again, I know the sad circumstances that followed my receipt of said  money. Needless to say, I have moved on from regretting my reckless spending and trying to curtail things. M & I are trying to start an emergency fund and pay off credit card debt at the same time. Thankfully, it’s only 1 credit card which we will

2) Had some sort of financial education a la starting up a savings account, investments, etc. Again, in the decade or more whenever M & I decide to have offspring, we will be having not just “the talk” but talk about fiscal responsibility and value of savings.

3) Had some sort of discussion about career choices. I love the field I’m in. However, I wish I hadn’t “rushed” to graduate college. In retrospect, I should have stuck with my initial feelings of wanting to minor in Computer Science. Or something else besides my field. These days, I love when I hear an undergrad is majoring in two different fields because this “up”s your marketability. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having one major. I went the grad. school route because part of me thought I wasn’t ready for the working world with the “little knowledge” I had.

Anyway, as they say, live and learn. I’m turning 23 soon and learning as I go. Watch this space! 🙂